At Ruusupuisto

Teachers' lounge
9.00–13.00 Ruusupuisto 2D
Come and meet colleagues to share the joys and challenges of your profession over a coffee. Discuss what could be the best about learning in your work? How to share knowhow and how to further develop it? In the meanwhile there are many guided activities for students and children.

Tracks invite pre-schoolers and classes 1-2 on an adventure
9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00 on the hour, duration approx. 1 h
Ruusupuisto, groups meet in the main lobby
Come with your teacher on an adventure following tracks! The track course includes tree different activity points with problem-solving and learning. Max 12-14 students per group, but larger groups can book several tours. Pre-registration. 

TechTrends in Education! In English
9.00–15.00 on the hour, duration approx. 1 h.
Ruusupuisto, 2nd floor foyer and Onni
We invite school pupils (5th-9th graders) to our workshop TechTrends in Education! with action-based technology fun. Pre-registration is needed. The program is in English.

Kriittisen korkeakoulun 50-vuotisjuhlaseminaari: Yhteisöllinen viisaus. In Finnish.
09.00–16.30 Ruusupuisto Juho
Seminar celebrating 50 years of Kriittinen Korkeakoulu. 

Language Campus presents (in English): 
12.30–16.30, the hallway outside Lucina classroom
Digital exhibition of ongoing research projects
Graffiti floor
Multilingual café (In how many languages can you order a drink?)

Child and family studies cafe
14.00–18.30, Ruusupuisto foyer 
Introducing the current child- and family-related research at Jyväskylä University. 

Muistoja ja kokemuksia mielisairaalasta. In Finnish. 
14.00–16.00 Ruusupuisto Isa
Sharing memories of Finland's psychiatric hospitals throughout the country's history. 

Multilingual escape room. In English.

Ruusupuisto Lucina
Escape the room by playing multilingual games with your group! Three sessions of 20 minutes each. Suitable for school groups from class year 1 to 9. Pre-registration required. 

Coffee breaks and well-being at work
16.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto cafe Uno
16.00 and 17.30 workspace Elsa (nature workshops)
The chance to talk about well-being at work, assess your own well-being and learn more about new research over a coffee. Fun tests and food for thought! There will also be two active workshops about how nature  revitalises you at 16.00 and 17.30 with Nature Psychology experts Katriina Hyvönen and Kirsi Salonen.  Please note weather conditions with your choise of clothing for the nature workshop. No pre-registration needed. 

Psychological programs for a meaningful life and well-being 
16.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto, Helena
The Psychology Department’s clinical sector research teams will be presenting several programs that have been developed and researched at the department as alternative ways for enhancing the well-being among adolescents, young and older adults. During our session, you will be introduced to our programs and you will have the chance to experience short, well-being exercises! Come and discuss with us ways that might be useful in reducing stress, preventing mental health difficulties and maintaining your own well-being in a frantic, fast-paced world! 
- Student Compass:  A value, acceptance- and mindfulness-based program for university students, with Panajiota Räsänen and our team’s well-being coaches. The Student Compass is a web-based wellbeing and life skills program offering practical tools for enhancing psychological and emotional well-being, addressing motivation challenges, reducing stress, and promoting overall well-being. The Student Compass is part of JYU’s Student Life well-being support for students. 
- Youth Compass: A well-being program for high school students, Päivi Lappalainen 
- OWNpath: A well –being program for caregivers, Päivi Lappalainen 
- 'Face your fear and speak up!' - A short program for students to overcome anxiety performance, Ana Gallego in English

Look, I'm driving with no hands!
16.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto, 3rd floor lobby
How to use the electric brain activity to steer equipment?

Eye movement; the window to your mind
16.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto, 3. krs aula
Real time picturing of eye movement

Joyful learning and immersive learning technologies
17.00–20.00, Ruusupuisto 2nd floor
You are warmly welcome to Ruusupuisto (2. floor) to explore immersive learning environments and modern learning technologies. You can test VR and AR glasses, play Minecraft in VR and explore the possibilities of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Minecraft in learning. You will also have the opportunity to practice robot (Bee-Bot and Lego) programming and explore the green screen technology. Activities are suitable for all ages.

Brain quiz 
17.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto, Katri
Test your brain in a tricky brain quiz!

THEATRE: Hahmotelmia kodiksi ja Kotiteatteriprojekti. In English and in Finnish.
18.00–20.00 Ruusupuisto Lucina
THEATRE-scheme studied the elements of assisted living and and the feelings of care home residents in Finland. A performance and a documentary film were made of the process and will be displayed at Researchers' Night. Performance duration 30 minutes, language Finnish. Documentary duration  20 minutes, languages Finnish and English.