At Seminarium

Brothers in Arms 
12.00–22.00 Seminarium, Soihtu museum & gallery 
An exhibition on Jyväskylä Teacher Seminary in the Finnish Civil War of 1918

Euroopan kulttuuriperintötunnus ja Suomi. In Finnish. 
17.00–18.30 S212 (Old Ceremony Hall, Seminarium)
A panel will discuss the European Commission cultural heritage programme and how Finland could take part.

In the crossroads of a revolution. Finland before and after the Civil War of 1918. In Finnish. 
19.00–21.00 S212 (Old Ceremony Hall, Seminarium)
Short lectures by researchers of the History and Ethnology department.

Red-White Songs – songs about the Finnish Civil War of 1918. In Finnish.
21.00–22.00 S212 (Old Ceremony Hall, Seminarium) 
A concert of wartime songs by both the red and the white troops of Finnish Civil War of 1918.