Other locations

Alternative realities - workshop and exhibition tour for school groups. In Finnish. 
Jyväskylä Art Museum Holvi, Kauppakatu 23
What do we sense and how could be beyond the typical borders of our experiences? Duration 1,5 h. Max 24 children per workshop. Also open non-stop workshops 17.00-20.00. Registration via this link only: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/Toisia_todellisuuksia_tyopaja_ja_nayttelykierros_koululaisryhmille_1761

Track the Tracks
Natural History Museum, Vesilinna
Animal track workshop for preschoolers (advance booking, maximum number of participants 10 children/workshop.) Duration 1 h.

Keppler’s planetary stairs
10.00 - 20.00 Musica building, basement stairway
The stairs between the first floor and basement of the building make musical sounds. When walking on the stairs it is possible to hear the musical scales that mathematician Keppler (1571-1630) calculated from the elliptical orbits of planets.

Pythagoras' sounding planets
10.00-20.00 Musica building, downstairs corridor
Sensors in the floor of the corridor in the building’s basement represent planets. When stepping on these sensors they trigger musical notes that Pythagoras (582-496) imagined the planets would produce (“harmony of the spheres”).

Music of the planets - “Harmony of the spheres”
10.00 - 20.00 Musica building, Mocap laboratory (M014)
In this installation it is visualizae to follow the movement of planets throughout a year and to listen their music playing in the background. The installation has a new “planet instrument” that uses body-sensing techonology. By playing this instrument, it is possible to hear the melodies of the planets, as mathematician Keppler (1571-1630) thought they were related to planets' orbits.

StepDrums - AskelRummut
10.00 - 20.00 Musica building, Boombox (M106)
StepDrums (AskelRummut) is a musical instrument that connect music and physical activity. It produces music by walking, running, moving or with any other bodily movement that the user wants. Welcome to test this new and interesting musical fitness equipment and play it while running and jumping on drums, also while listening to your favourite music.

Sonic installation
10.00–22.00, Musica-building
A new interactive sonic installation, in which sound is produced by moving around and manipulating objects. This is part of an ongoing investigation. Visitors will be recorded in video and audio while they are in the room. Recorded material will be used for research and communication thereof.

Music technology - guided tours to Musica activities
10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00
It is possible for groups to book a guided tour to all five activities at the Musica building. Please note that video and audio will be recorded at the Sonic Installation. The recorded material will be used in research and communication thereof. If you prefer your group not to be recorded, then you will be taken to the other four activities.

The Yellow Library 
10.00-18.00 Jyväskylä University Main Library (B)
Opening of an exhibition about the life and work of Pro Finlandia awarded architect and professor Arto Sipinen (1936–2017) at 2pm. Achitect Jonas Malmberg from Docomomo Finland will give a speach during the opening ceremony (in Finnish). Guided tours in the JYU library by architect Päivi Lukkarinen at 3pm and 5pm. Leave your mark in the history of the Yellow library: Cherish the past, yet boldly plan for the future. “Memories of the Yellow Library”: Bring your pictures, stories and films to help us assemble a memorabilia of the Yellow Library. 

Professorien Pyöreä Pöytä (Professors of the Round Table). In Finnish. 
17.00–18.00 Livestream radio show (no audience)
We Knig.... Professors of the Round Table are interested in sciences of all sorts and like to learn more about other sciences than our own areas of expertise. Researcher of economic history Jari Ojala, researcher of active ageing Taina Rantanen, evolutionary ecologist Johanna Mappes discuss and tell more about the recent and exciting findings on their respective fields. Facilitator nanophysicist Tero Heikkilä. There will be a link to the broadcast online nearer the event.  

Open doors at the Observatory
20.00-24.00 Rihlaperä Observatory
Jyväskylä Sirius' Observatory at Rihlaperä is open to public from 8 p.m. to midnight. In clear weather you get to look through the telescope, in cloudy weather we will tell more about the equiment and tell more about astronomy. Click this link to a Google map to find the observatory.