Aut­ho­ri­sa­tion for re­lea­se of in­for­ma­tion from educa­tion records

As part of the doctoral programme application process University of Jyväskylä may need to verify your academic credentials from the institution you have attended previously or are currently attending. Your institution may request that you sign a declaration in order to release this information to us. For this reason, we ask you to fill in the declaration form, scan it and attach it to your online application. If you have attended several higher education institutions, please fill out as many forms as the institutions attended.

Authorisation for release of information from education records form

This form is not required from applicants whose prior education specified in their application is completed in Finland. | Liitettä ei vaadita hakijoilta, joiden hakemuksessa mainittu aikaisempi koulutus on suoritettu Suomessa.

Please note that verifying the academic credentials from your institution is only a part of the verification process and this does not exempt you from any regular admission requirements.