6 ECTS of studies in academic English

6 ECTS credits of studies in academic English completed in any Finnish higher education institution, also open university or open university of applied sciences, are accepted. The 6 ECTS of studies in academic English form must be filled in, signed and submitted to JYU by an official in the institution in question via email .The form is not required from applicants, who have completed 6 ECTS of academic English at the University of Jyväskylä or the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä.

What do we mean by academic English?

Language courses in the English language completed in a Finnish institution of higher education, which are at the level B2-C1 according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and include field-specific terminology. Courses completed in an open university or open university of applied sciences are also accepted.

  • The field-specific terminology does not need to be in the field of the programme to which the applicant is applying.
  • Preparatory or revision courses in the English language are not accepted for this purpose, since these are not academic level courses.
  • Subject-related courses (e.g. marketing, physics, education etc.) that are taught in English, but do not include teaching of academic English are not accepted. Subject-related courses, which include integrated teaching of academic English are accepted, as long as the credits are registered as language studies.
  • If the subject matter of the courses is English language/philology: courses in linguistics, grammar, writing or speaking can be accepted. Courses whose content is not the English language (e.g. courses in history or literature of English speaking countries etc.) are not accepted.
  • If the applicant’s degree contains studies completed in another higher education institution (e.g.  during student exchange), there are two options. 1) If language courses completed elsewhere are recognised as part of the degree, but do not substitute a course(s) offered at the degree-awarding institution, they are not accepted. 2) If language courses completed elsewhere substitute a course(s) in the degree-awarding institution, they can be accepted.

Having completed 6 ECTS credits of academic English can be used for demonstrating an applicant's proficiency in the English language in the following international Master's programmes of JYU during application round 2018/2019:
Banking and International Finance, Biological and Environmental Science, Cognitive Computing and Collective Intelligence, Corporate Environmental Management, Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication, Educational Sciences, Information Systems, International Business and Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Nanoscience, Nuclear and Particle Physics.