Course Descriptions

Please refer to the Degree Structure page for further information on the programme and the full list of courses.

Courses Delivered in 2018-2019

Mandatory Courses in Autumn 2018

Elective Courses in Autumn 2018

Mandatory Courses in Spring 2019

Elective Courses in Spring 2019

Mandatory Language Studies

Finnish Language - Autumn 2018

  • XSU005 Finnish I or (XSU*** Finnish II-V) for non-native Finnish speakers, 5 ECTS (for 1st year students)


  • For native Finnish speakers: optional language course(s), preferably in academic writing, 5 ECTS

Min. 5 ECTS of Finnish is compulsory to those students who do not speak Finnish as their mother tongue. The Language Centre offers courses in Finnish from Finnish I to Finnish V, depending on the student's initial Finnish skills and interest in the language studies. Please refer to the more detailed course information on Korppi. Students choose the level (I-V) depending on their possible previous studies in Finnish language; the Language Centre offers assistance in choosing the appropriate level.

Students whose mother tongue is Finnish can choose 5 ECTS of the wide selection of language and communication studies offered by the Language Centre.

English Language

  • XENX009 Integrated Research Communication, 5 ECTS (for 2nd year students only, to be taken together with Thesis Seminar)

Please see COIN specific details in Korppi; please register for the course at the same time as you register for the Thesis Seminar and no earlier; you must have a Thesis topic when you start the course. 

The course provides tailored support for the thesis writing process, from the establishment of research focus to synthesising, writing and presenting a research plan. The focus is on information management and evaluation, critical reading, conventions of research reporting, and academic writing in the disciplines, seminar and presentation skills, and academic skills for learning through English.

Other Optional Studies

Students on the programme can choose other optional studies depending on the students' interests and agreed Personal Study Plan. 

A comprehensive list of courses delivered in English is available at: