Aleksi Lumijärvi

Executive Vice President, Investments, GreenStream Network Plc

Tell us something about your current job? What are your duties and assignments?

I work in GreenStream Network, a company specialized in investment management, consulting and brokering within energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate sectors. Our main focus has been in China already for several years, and we have established two companies there with our Chinese joint venture partner. The other company focuses in climate and emissions trading business, while the other newer one focuses in implementing and financing industrial energy efficiency projects applying so called ESCO model. I'm currently executive vice president taking care of investment and financing issues related to our China energy efficiency business, as well as financial advisory work we do in the Finnish/European market. The financial advisory covers assignments such as investment analyses, valuations and transaction processes related to wind power, biogas and energy efficiency, financial modeling and development of fund and other investment structures and related management tools (portfolio management etc.) of our customers in renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. As a member of management team I'm also involved with strategic, organizational etc. decision making. Earlier I worked for example as consultant in energy business area of Pöyry, and as a partner and managing director of a boutique investment bank Aalto Capital Partners.

How did you find your job (what sources did you use, how did you approach your current employer)?

I got my first job in Pöyry Group simply by replying to a job announcement in a newspaper. Obviously my education was appreciated as it was all I got at that time... Later I moved to GreenStream as the result of my ex-colleague calling and offering an interesting position in a new and growing company.

What skills gained during your CEM studies proved to be the most useful in your job?

I think the very analytical understanding of material flow modeling combined with cash flow modeling was the most fundamental issue for me. It has proved to be a valid approach to so many practical challenges during my career. Environmental accounting in general and in particular was my stuff. The interdisciplinary nature of the studies has been a clear advantage; do not neglect the lessons in environmental sciences and technology either!

What was the most unexpected CEM-related thing, new concept or skill, discovered in your new job?

Perhaps not so unexpected, but not necessarily the first one in mind: networking and having fun! Succeeding in your job is quite a bit about having fun and being able to work with different people in many different contexts. In my opinion it is finally the attitude that counts. I have also found the one course in environmental chemistry surprisingly beneficial - even if working with economic, financial and policy issues...

What would be your message for the current and prospective CEM students?

There is no business like environmental business - the feeling of doing valuable work in a rapidly evolving business and policy environment. Instructions: 1. Get a good and broad interdisciplinary education at CEM. Carry out your studies ambitiously, you will anyway face the same issues in your job and then you will have no more time to read books. 2. Concentrate in some concrete topic you are interested in; do your thesis, internship, write your essays, group works etc. on that topic. In addition to good education employers appreciate practical references ("I made this" instead of "I know this"). 3. Be proactive in contacting and meeting potential future employers. Participate in events etc. 4. Take your time and enjoy it in the university!