Student Experiences

Student experiences of Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication (DMCC) programme

DMCC is a brand new Master's program, and the first students started their studies in September 2017. We decided to interview a couple of existing students to learn why they decided to apply for the program and how they feel about studying and living in Jyväskylä.



Joel_Paula_rsz3540.jpgWhen I was doing my bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to go on an Erasmus exchange program to Norway. Studying abroad was such a good experience, not just because of the people I got to know there, but the subjects that I studied at the university and the student life were so incredible that I decided to do my Master’s degree abroad.


Why did you choose the Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication program at the first place?

After finishing my degree, I knew that I wanted to specialize in marketing but I was not sure which program would suit me the best. So, before choosing any Master’s degree, I decided to start working as a marketing assistant to identify the specific topic I would like to study more. After two years of working, I realised that I was interested in digital marketing, but also in the management of internal and external communication within a company. Knowing that, I started searching for a program abroad that could fit my needs and interests, and then, I found the DMCC program.

The name of the program, Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication, seemed to be ideal to me already, but when I read the subjects that they offered in their academic curriculum, I knew that it was made for me. The subjects seemed very interesting and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn from the best professionals and, also, put into practice all the skills that I had developed until that point. Moreover, the facts that the DMCC program is offered in Finland, a leader country in digitalization and education, and that it allows the possibility to do internships or exchange programmes abroad, convinced me.

What are the strongest points of the program? What skills are you working on during the courses?

As I see it, the strongest points of the program are that it is completely offered in English and within an international environment that enables you to learn from different people with varying professional and learning backgrounds. Besides that, the courses of the DMCC program are up-to-date and students have also great freedom to choose elective subjects in order to develop different skills depending on their own interests.

During the courses, I have been able to develop digital marketing skills, such as social marketing, website design, SEO, digital analytics and content marketing. In addition, we are also learning to work in teams to create communication plans or campaigns where we can put into practice all the theoretical knowledge that we learn in the lectures. And I have also been able to develop my creativity, communication and IT skills too.

Who do you recommend this program?

I would recommend the DMCC program to anybody who is interested in the field of digital marketing and business. It doesn't really matter what your background is (business, IT, communication, etc.), because the Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication program offers multifaceted education that will suit you for sure. Apart from that, the methodology of learning while practising enables you to put into practice everything you learn (or that you already know) in every subject, allowing for creativity and innovation in academic projects.

The DMCC program is, undoubtedly, an ideal option for students who want to make a career in the marketing and communication field. It truly enables students to make the most of studying a Master’s program.

What are your best experiences with the program?

Studying in an international environment and having the opportunity to choose any courses according to my interests is really great. As University of Jyväskylä receives many international students every year, it is easy to get to know new people with all the events that are going on every week. Additionally, the city of Jyväskylä has also an active life, so there are always cultural, leisure and sports activities to do throughout the year.

Please summarize the program in only one word



Why did you choose the Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication program in the first place?

Iiro_rsz.jpgI chose to apply for Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication program, because it felt like the perfect opportunity for me to uplift my future career in marketing. I had some first-hand experience from digital marketing, as I had previously worked as an online marketing & sales trainee. Also, the possibility of studying Master’s degree in a multi-cultural environment made the choice even easier.

What are the strongest points of the program? What skills are you working on during the courses?

I would say that it is overall very competitive program, as there are not many universities that offer MBA/MSc studies focused on digital marketing and communication. I’m looking forward to strengthening my knowledge in search engine marketing, web publishing and digital innovation and design. With the help of our experienced professors and visiting lecturers, I will be able to develop my skills in all of the mentioned areas.

Who do you recommend this program?

First of all, I recommend the DMCC program to those who are thinking about having a career in the field of marketing and communication. Secondly, if you are interested in spending two years in the heart of the beautiful city of Jyväskylä, meeting new people and having a time of your life, then I encourage you to apply!

What are your best experiences with the program?

My best experiences with the program so far are my dear fellow students, high-quality courses and real-life case studies. I also enjoy the inspiring atmosphere at JSBE as well as the chemistry between the staff and the students.

Please summarize the program in only one word