Come Study with Us! Programme in brief for the application period 2018-2019!!

The Faculty of Education and Psychology offers an International Master’s Degree Programme in Educational Sciences (EDUMA), which is a two-year programme of 120 ECTS credits starting next time in September 2019. The application period is from November 15th, 2018 to January 10th, 2019. APPLY HERE!

Check recording about studying in our programme and University of Jyväskylä from our students David and Gomathy:

 Eligible applicants must have a Bachelor's degree in education or in a relevant field, proven proficiency in English, and high motivation. Students can choose to specialise in Educational Leadership, Guidance and Counselling, Inclusive Education, Early Childhood Studies, Foreign Language Pedagogy, or Current Issues in Education and Psychology. 

The University of Jyväskylä has a long history and a strong position in educational sciences and teacher training. While the first Teacher Seminary and old campus date back to 1863, the Faculty has been located in the new Ruusupuisto building since 2015. The EDUMA curriculum has been built to respect both the tradition and contemporary issues of our field, incorporating expertise from all three departments (Education, Teacher Education and Psychology) of the Faculty. In addition, our local partners include e.g. the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Institute of Educational Leadership and schools in the region, providing access to expert advice and school visits.


The education in the programme is research-based and we aim to develop autonomous and responsible experts with critical thinking skills. Master's Degree Programme in Educational Sciences is an expert training programme. It does not provide pedagogical or teacher qualifications, but aims to produce deep theoretical and practical understanding that complements one's existing qualifications and profession. The aim is not to produce workforce to, for example, Finnish Basic Education.

Our course plan enables opportunities to get first-hand experience on the Finnish Education System and to focus on, for example, Intercultural Competences and International Education Policies and Practices. In general, all students are guided to direct their studies to accommodate their personal interests with support from the programme staff. For their specialisation, students must choose and complete one of the following modules.  

Educational Leadership

This module provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills integrating key elements of educational administration and leadership required in the complex field of educational leadership in diverse settings ranging from educational institutions and business organization contexts to policy making. 

Guidance and Counselling

This module covers a wide range of services and activities targeted at people at different ages and life situations seeking help regarding life and career decisions. 

Early Childhood Studies

This module taps on the expertise of the Department of Education as the only place in Finland where early childhood education can be studied as a major subject. Focus is on children's well-being and their socialisation in early childhood education, and in society as a whole.

Foreign Language Pedagogy

 The Foreign Language Pedagogy module is composed from courses in our JULIET (Jyväskylä University Language Innovation & Educational Theory) programme aiming to prepare teachers specialising in language pedagogy. This module mixes participants with Finnish class teacher students.

Inclusive Education 

The Inclusive Education module consists of courses from the Special Education unit, which is Finland's leading provider of university-level special education programmes. The module will give e.g. knowledge of 1) special learning disabilities as a phenomenon, 2) theoretical presumptions and pedagogical applications of disability studies in education, and 3) how schools function as learning environments.

Current Issues in Education and Psychology

Current Issues in Education and Psychology is a module drawing from the contemporary courses in all three departments of the faculty and utilizes e.g. the courses based on visiting lecturers and scholars.