Degree Structure

Master's Degree Programme in Educational Sciences:


  • Orientation, Communication and Language Studies Studies, and Academic Skills 15 ECTS CR.
  • Advanced Studies in Education 75 ECTS CR.
  • Specialisation Studies 25 ECTS CR. (choose one area):
  1. Educational LeadershipRyhmäkuvat (1).JPG
  2. Early Childhood Studies
  3. Inclusive Education
  4. Guidance and Counselling
  5. Foreign Language Pedagogy
  6. Current Issues in Education and Psychology
  • Optional Studies 5 ECTS CR.

Materials to support studies and personal study planning:

All students complete the Orientation Studies of 15 ECTS credits and Advanced Studies in Education of 75 ECTS credits. Optionality in the above mentioned studies is in the Elective Studies (10 credits) and Special Method Course (5 credits).

With the Specialisation Studies of 25 ECTS credits, students have a possibility to deepen their knowledge and understanding in the following six disciplines: Educational Leadership, Early Childhood Studies, Inclusive Education, Guidance and Counselling, Foreign Language Pedagogy, Current Issues in Education and Psychology. Students need to complete 25 credits for Specialisation Studies. Students choose one of the six modules and complete a minimum of 20 credits from that selected module. In addition, students may choose 5 credits from another module or from the general advanced studies. Students have the opportunity to independently consider which area is important to them and what they want to learn in order to gain the knowledge that is significant for them in their future. The choices will be discussed with the advisor and guidance is available to make the choices that are relevant for the student. From below, you can watch the presentation video of one of our specialisation modules: Foreign Language Pedagogy.

For their Optional Studies of 5 ECTS credits, students can choose more studies from the specialisation studies or general advanced studies, or from the wide range of courses offered in the different faculties of the university.

Language Centre offers a wide variety of courses in different languages as well as an opportunity to study languages independently by using the self-study materials. Language courses can be included in the Optional Studies.


Master's Degree Programme in Educational Leadership (no student intake after 2017): Degree structure and specialisation studies (according to the curriculum 2017-2020)