Internship report (EDUMA/MPEL)

Internship report instructions for EDUMA and MPEL students

NB! Internship is always agreed case-by-case with programme coordinator!!!

Internship report 

There is not any strict form for the report and you may create headings and you can structure it in your own way. For the writing style, please have a look at the Modes of learning -> Learning log / diary and Reflective writing (Koppa/EDLS110, Moodle/EDUS1000).

A good length for the report is 7-10 pages. The report should include:

  1. A description of the internship institution. Give some general information about the institution: organizational structure, mission/objectives, history, current situation etc.
  2. A description of the tasks you had. Tell what tasks and duties you had during your internship.
  3. Learning outcomes: When writing the report, reflect the goals you set for the internship, how did you reach your goals or why you were not able to reach them. Think also against which criteria you can reflect your learning and how you can prove your learning. Write about your professional and personal growth, describe what skills and know-how you developed. Analyse how your learning experiences relate to your previous studies and experiences and how you were able to put the theories in to practice. Consider also which skills you should develop in future