Dan-Roald Steinnes, Com

Dan-Roald Steinnes,
Commercial Manager, VRT Finland

I work for VRT Finland which is a company that specializes in underwater sonar inspections with 3D technology. It is the market leader in the Baltic Sea area, in volumes of inspected harbours, bridges and hydropower plants. I have been responsible for the Scandinavian market segment and the pipeline of customers in those countries, since summer 2014. As of august 2015, I have been functioning as commercial manager for VRT where I handle marketing, trade shows and exhibitions. This includes budgeting responsibility for the different parts. In my current role, I also support our sales network globally as well as recruit new sales personnel.

The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship provided me with a strong academic foundation for future career development. The course selection provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying constructs affecting firms and their environments. The program offers an international learning environment with an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. I believe this combination of a dynamic academic foundation and the development of practical skills is what enables students to succeed in their future careers. 

The skills in leadership, problem solving and strategic decision making I gained during my time at IBE are an essential part of my current role in VRT.