IBE Faculty

Here is the core IBE Faculty.

Senior Lecturer Juha Kansikas, PhD. (Econ.), Director of the IBE Master's Programme

juha_resized.jpgDr. Juha Kansikas is an entrepreneurship and family business specialist. The new students will meet him on the course Entrepreneurship Research which will begin in September. He also teaches the course Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Competence (second year course) and the elective course Family Business.



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Senior Researcher Mirva Peltoniemi, Dr.Sc. (Tech.)

mirva_resized.jpgDr. Mirva Peltoniemi specializes in technology management, especially in how technologies change over time, how industry structures are affected by technological change, and how those phenomena alter the strategic alternatives a company has. She teaches the courses Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (first year, spring term), and Financial and Strategic Analysis (second year, fall term).


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Assistant professor Mari Suoranta, PhD. (Econ.)  

mari_resized.jpgDr. Mari Suoranta specializes in marketing and start-ups, and she has an extensive network of contacts in the Finnish start-up scene. The new students will meet her on the course Innovative Marketing (first year, spring term). She also teaches the second-year course Venture Lab where students prepare their own business proposals. Last year the course was run in collaboration with a bioenergy corporation. The students worked in intensive contact with the company and presented their proposals to the executives.


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Professor Kalle Pajunen, PhD., Leader of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Discipline

Kalle_resized.jpgProfessor Kalle Pajunen is a leading expert of strategic management, especially international strategy and business-society relationships. The new students will meet him on the course Competitive and Organizational Strategy (first year, fall semester). He also teaches the course Research Methodology which will kick-start the students’ Master’s thesis projects in the beginning of their second year of studies.


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Postdoctoral researcher Paula Linna, Dr.Sc. (Econ)  


Dr. Paula Linna’s research interests concern emerging markets, resource-constrained innovations, sustainable businesses and born global companies. She teaches the courses International Business (first year, fall semester) and International Entrepreneurship (first year, spring semester).



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IBE Programme Coordinator Khoa Nguyen, M.Sc. (Econ.), Doctoral Student  

Khoa_resize.png Khoa Nguyen has done his master's studies in the IBE programme in 2017, and is  currently preparing his doctoral dissertation on the topic of causal complexity in strategic choices against market dynamics. He also coordinates the student recruitment and admission process for the IBE Master's Programme. The new students will meet him virtually in the admission process.

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