We've listed here five reasons why you should choose LAGIC!

1) Unique programme

The LAGIC programme combines intercultural communication and applied language studies in a nationally and internationally unique way. The programme itself is new, but it has strong roots. The University of Jyväskylä is one of the pioneers in the teaching and research of intercultural communication in Finland. The Department of Language and Communication Studies (earlier Department of Communication) has offered master level studies in intercultural communication since 1997 and a doctoral programme since 2002. Similarly, applied language studies forms a vibrant and dynamic interdisciplinary research and teaching community at the University of Jyväskylä, with a long tradition dating back to the 1970s. As applied linguists, we cross the bridge between language learning and critical approaches to language and discourse.

2) Accredited, high-quality university

The University of Jyväskylä is an accredited University which offers high-quality teaching to its students. Our education and research are ranked among the top worldwide (see QS World University RankingTHE World University Rankings). Finnish universities score high also in international student satisfaction surveys.

The LAGIC programme relates directly to one of the core fields in research of the University of Jyväskylä: language, culture and communities in global change processes. The curriculum also includes links to the core fields of learning, teaching and the learning and growth environments that support development and information technology and the human in the knowledge society

3) Interdisciplinary learning environment 

The LAGIC programme is located at the Department of Language and Communication Studies which is a large, multilingual and actively international unit. As a LAGIC student you get to meet and network with students from different disciplines and backgrounds. This is facilitated by our collaborative and dialogic approach to teaching. Through group or pair work, discussions, presentations, and independent study we enable our students to develop skills they need in their professional life. In addition to academic and scientific knowledge, the LAGIC programme includes hands-on courses where you can apply theories and knowledge to real-life situations.

4) Help and support for international students

The University of Jyväskylä offers excellent services for both Finnish and international students. The JYU International Office provides new students with extensive information package helping you in planning your stay and settling in to Jyväskylä. You'll be also assigned a student tutor who will help you with the practicalities during your first weeks here in Jyväskylä.

5) Graduates work in a broad range of fields

LAGIC graduates, possessing advanced knowledge of applied language studies and intercultural communication, can work in a broad range of professional and academic fields, performing tasks that require expertise in, for instance, communication, language and communication teaching and consulting, planning and project work, or research. The LAGIC programme provides you with skills and qualification needed to pursue PhD studies.

Possible career opportunities include, for instance

  • language and communication teaching and consulting in professional, community, educational institutions and businesses
  • specialist in international affairs, communication advisor, business manager, content manager, and specialist in global mobility
  • working with NGO’s, policy and planning for immigrant/refugee governmental institutions.