Pavlos Tarasanski

“I always say that Jyväskylä is an undiscovered paradise”

Pavlos Tarasanski | International Business and Entrepreneurship

For me it was quite natural to continue my Master’s studies at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) after completing my Bachelor’s Degree at the local University of Applied Sciences, JAMK. I love Jyväskylä a lot, so it was a pretty straightforward decision for me.

We have a really nice group of people in our class – very international. And I don’t think that internationalization should be taken for granted, so we should really appreciate when we are being put in one space with people from ten countries: we can discuss one thing but there are ten different answers to the question.

Our teachers are very interactive – the lectures are not just a one man’s or woman’s show. We have very informal relationships, but at the same time, they are based on respect. After the lectures, you are being made to think – and that is very important for education: to make the students think.

I always say that Jyväskylä is an undiscovered paradise. The city is fantastic, for students in particular: it’s small, so you don’t waste any time on traffic - there is no traffic to begin with. Everything is very close and you don’t have to look for people, you have the main street Kauppakatu and everybody meets there, and it’s perfect.