Anna Zumegen

“Everyman’s right is a really cool thing in Finland”

Anna Zumegen | Corporate Environmental Management

I did my student exchange in Jyväskylä and decided to come back. I checked out the possibilities they have here and found the CEM Master’s Programme, which sounded really interesting.

In the application process, I had to write an application with a motivation letter first. After that, I had to write an assignment that was quite stressful, but I managed. Finally, they had a Skype interview for us internationals.

Studying here has been a bit hard for me, because I come from a university where our exams were always in the semester breaks. Studying for exams during the semester takes way more effort. However, at the same time, it’s really interesting and that’s why I like to put more work in it. Studying here is really inspiring, too, because we get to know so many different things, concepts and people – I really like it.

A really cool thing in Finland is the everyman’s right, which means that everyone’s allowed to go everywhere in the nature where they want to be. It is nice, because you can just go hiking in the forest and there’s a sauna and a fireplace, and they are all free of use and free of charge. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen and I really enjoy that.