Marius Meinhold

"I would like to understand how the world works"

Marius Meinhold | Biology of Physical Activity

Already in my first year of studying, I realized that I want to be a researcher. That was when I saw that there is so much more to the things than we are able to explain right now. I would like to understand how the world works or how the human being works as a system.

This programme was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I can choose my own major and I get to choose the topics that I want to do presentations and research on and also my thesis is put into a bigger project, which will hopefully lead to a publication in an international journal.

The area I’m specializing in Molecular Exercise Physiology, which means we’re using methods of molecular biology to study the mechanisms that cause adaptation in the human body as well as the genetics of exercise and sports related traits.

What I love about Jyväskylä is that you get to meet so many people from many different cultures. There are so many different backgrounds, professionally but also personally. Everyone still has the same idea of what they want to do and what their purposes are and why they came to Jyväskylä, which is finding your passion, getting trained by professionals in your field, and having a great experience in a beautiful environment!