Levi Habila

Self-expression is key

Tara Malay | Applied linguistics

My name is Tara and I am from the United States. I study Applied Linguistics and I will be finishing my degree this spring. Living in Jyväskylä and going to school at JYU has been immensely rewarding. One of my favorite memories I have during my time at JYU was taking my intensive summer Finnish course. JYU, for me, represents openness and creativity.

Studying at JYU has allowed me to explore and utilize my creativity by giving me the tools to experiment in different research areas and participate in a wide variety of programs. I love how supportive the staff are of letting us use our strengths and creativity in our education. I feel like I am able to express myself easily in a warm and welcoming environment. This goes to my overall idea that the most important thing in life is freedom of self-expression.

In my free time, when I am away from school and other obligations, I draw, read books, do photography, and write. Art is a very important part of who I am and I use various mediums of art to express myself. Fashion is another important way I express myself. I could talk about art, fashion, and food forever. My biggest dream would be to have an art piece I made hanging in an art gallery. I always felt like I was supposed to do something that requires deep introspection and thought.