Terms and conditions for student accommodation within the JYU housing quota

Application deadline

The application for accommodation should be submitted no later than

  • 15 May if accommodation is needed from the beginning of August or September
  • 1 November if accommodation is needed from the beginning of January.

Rental period

The University of Jyväskylä has reserved a quota of furnished study-bedrooms for exchange and visiting students from the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation, KOAS and Kortepohja Student Village.
Exchange and visiting students placed in the student apartments within the quota at KOAS are required to sign a tenancy agreement for a fixed term as follows:
  • 1 August – 31 December or
  • 1 August – 31 May or
  • 1 January – 31 May.

The apartments in Kortepohja Student Village can be rented for the following fixed-term periods:
  • 1 August - 31 December
  • 1 September – 31 December or
  • 1 August - 31 May
  • 1 September – 31 May or
  • 1 January – 31 May.

The fixed-term tenancy agreements cannot be terminated within the tenancy period.
You can move in a student apartment on the first working day of the month.

Apartments on offer

The apartments are single study-bedrooms with a shared kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom. All the apartments in the housing quota are furnished. There is an Internet connection in each apartment. Laundry facilities, saunas and common rooms are available in the buildings.

The apartments are gender neutral, i.e. students can be placed in an apartment with the opposite sex. However, each student has his/her own room. If you do not wish to be placed in the same apartment with the opposite sex, this must be mentioned in the Mobility-Online application for accommodation.

The apartments within the housing quota in Kortepohja include basic domestic items, e.g. blanket, pillow, bed linen and basic kitchenware. The rooms at KOAS do not include these items. Exchange and visiting students who live outside Kortepohja Student Village can borrow basic domestics items, so called “survival kits”, against a partly refundable deposit, from the Kortepohja Student Village office.

The apartments within the quota at KOAS are located in Myllyjärvi, Roninmäki, Kuokkala and Ristonmaa. The apartments of Kortepohja student village are located in Kortepohja.

Availability of the apartments

By submitting an application for accommodation you are not automatically guaranteed an offer of accommodation. This is dependent on the availability of the apartments. In the beginning of the autumn semester, there are usually more applicants than there are apartments, and therefore student housing cannot be offered to all exchange and visiting students in the autumn.

Those applying for an apartment from 1 August onwards will be given priority as opposed to students who apply for an apartment from 1 September onwards (Kortepohja only).

The earlier one applies for a student apartment, the better his/her chances are of getting a student apartment.

All students coming for the spring semester (1 January - 31 May) will be able to get a room from KOAS or Kortepohja.

The requests you have made in the application for accommodation will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.

Flat mate preferences should be mutual, i.e. both persons should name the other as a preferred flat mate.

If student housing cannot be offered to you, you are advised to see the section Looking for an apartment on your own.

Housing offer and deposit

If the accommodation office is able to place you in a student apartment, an offer for a study-bedroom with a shared kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom will be sent by e-mail approximately 1-2.5 months before the accommodation is needed. If you are placed on a waiting list, a room may be offered to you at a later stage.

In order to confirm your apartment, the following payments are required:
  • Kortepohja: A deposit of 300 € must be paid to the accommodation office's bank account. 
  • KOAS: The rent for the first month and a handling fee (non-refundable) of 50 € must be paid to the the accommodation office's bank account.

The payment details and instructions will be sent to the applicant by e-mail.

Unconfirmed reservations will be cancelled automatically and the room offered to another applicant. The confirmation is legally binding. Please note that credit card or check payments are not accepted. The payment should be made without charges to the beneficiary. The deposit will be refunded if no damage or loss is detected in the apartment after your departure.

Rent and other payments

The rent has to be paid from the first day of the month onwards. The monthly rent in a student apartment is currently approximately 220-345 €. A furniture fee must also be paid.

All students living in Kortepohja are required to join the Student Union by paying the Student Union membership fee 130.50 €/academic year 2018-2019, 75 €/autumn semester 2018, 77 €/spring semester 2019 (doctoral students: 66 €/academic year, 44 €/autumn semester, 44 €/spring semester).

Privacy notice

Your information will be handled according to the JYU privacy notice.