• Remember to apply for accommodation as soon as you have been admitted to the University of Jyväskylä (degree and visiting students). Exchange students apply for accommodation as part of the application procedure in Mobility-Online.
  • If you receive a housing offer, confirm or refuse it within the time given in the offer. Please follow the payment instructions given in the housing offer.
  • Pay the Student Union membership fee (optional for exchange and visiting students, not applicable to certain exchange programmes). Send the receipt to your faculty office (degree students) or the International Office (visiting students) or upload it into Mobility-Online (exchange students).
  • Apply for a residence permit as soon as you get your letter of admission if you are a citizen of  non-EU/EEA/EFTA country. Further information: www.migri.fi
  • Obtain health and travel insurance.
  • Obtain a European Health Insurance Card from the local social security office in your home country if you are an EU/EEA/EFTA citizen.
  • Complete the registration form (visiting and degree students only), which will be sent to you together with the letter of admission, and return it to the address given in the letter of admission (degree and visiting students) prior to your arrival.
  • Make plans to arrive on


    autumn semester: 3 September 2018
    spring semester: 2 January 2019

    Student apartments are available from the first working day of the month onwards.
  • Each incoming student will be assigned a student tutor (a fellow student assigned to assist international students). The student tutors help incoming students in practical matters at the beginning of their stay. Inform your student tutor of your exact time of arrival in Jyväskylä at least one week prior to arrival. If your travel plans change, inform your tutor about this. Your tutor will contact you by e-mail a couple of weeks before the semester begins.
  • Bring your passport with you. You will need it for example if opening a bank account.
  • If you come from a country which uses the euro as currency, bring your online banking codes with you. Most Finnish banks do not open a bank account for students from the Eurozone.
  • Reserve enough money to pay for the rent (approximately 210-330 € per month), Survival Kit (70 €; optional, exchange/visiting students only) and the Student Union membership fee (130.50 € / academic year 2018-19, 75 € autumn semester 2018, 77 € spring semester 2019) (if you have not taken care of the fee beforehand)

How to get to Jyväskylä?

The city of Jyväskylä is located in Central Finland, some 270 km north of Helsinki, and is best reached by plane, train or coach. The connections are relatively frequent and the journey from Helsinki to Jyväskylä takes 3½ - 4 hours by train.

By plane

Most of the flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki Airport (about 20 km from the centre of Helsinki). From Helsinki Airport you may continue by plane, train or bus to Jyväskylä. Please book the connecting flight in advance. The flight time to Jyväskylä is approximately 50 minutes. The Jyväskylä (Tikkakoski) Airport is located about 23 km from the centre of Jyväskylä. There is no regular bus connection from the airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to the centre of Jyväskylä. The taxi journey from the airport to Jyväskylä takes around 20 minutes and costs around 50 €. It is recommended to book a taxi in advance by calling +358 100 6900 (advance booking payment approximately 7 €) as there may not be any taxis available at the airport upon your arrival, especially if you arrive late at night or early in the morning. If you are not able to book the taxi in advance, you can use the free telephone inside the terminal building to call for a taxi. If you do not book the taxi in advance, be prepared to wait for it for a little while. For more information, see the Finavia website.

If you arrive at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, take a bus or a taxi to the centre of Tampere. For more information, please see the Finavia website. You can continue your journey to Jyväskylä by train or bus.

By ferry

There are frequent ferry connections to Helsinki via Stockholm or Tallinn, and also from Travemünde and Rostock. Please see the ferry timetables:

By coach

There is also a direct bus connection from Helsinki Airport to Jyväskylä. The trip will take 4 -5 hours and you may have to change buses once or twice.

  • Bus timetables and tickets: www.matkahuolto.com
  • Buses leave next to the Terminal 2 at the airport (see the map of the airport).

From Helsinki city centre, you may also catch an Onnibus coach (low-cost coaches) to Jyväskylä. Onnibus coaches operate from the Kamppi Bus Station in Helsinki city centre, a short walk from the Helsinki Central Railway Station. You can get to the city center by taking the Finnair bus, the local bus number 615 or the Ring Rail Line trains I and P to the Helsinki Central railway station. Onnibus tickets can be purchased by credit card in advance and, depending on seat availability, also from the driver. It is recommended to purchase Onnibus tickets in advance as tickets are often sold out. Check the timetables and purchase tickets at www.onnibus.com.

By train

If you choose to travel by train, take the Ring Rail Line train from Helsinki Airport to Tikkurila and change trains there. The journey from the airport to Tikkurila railway station takes about 8 minutes. Trains leave every 10 minutes. There are direct train connections from Tikkurila to Jyväskylä, but in some cases you will have to change trains at Tampere.

If you wish to go the Helsinki city centre first and catch the train from there, take the I or P train, FINNAIR bus or the local bus number 615 (platform 21) to the Helsinki Central Railway Station and continue your journey from there. It will take 30-40 minutes to get to the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

The journey to Jyväskylä takes approximately 3½ - 4 hours. Please check the train connections and purchase tickets on the VR (Finnish Railways) website.

Student discounts on transportation

As an exchange student or a degree student of a Finnish university you will be entitled to receive a 30% student discount on trains and a 50% discount on long-distance coaches by presenting a Finnish student ID or a student card issued jointly by the bus company Matkahuolto and the Finnish rail service VR. However, you cannot obtain these cards before coming to Jyväskylä. So please be prepared that you will not be able to get the student discount on your first journey to Jyväskylä. Unfortunately, you cannot get a student discount on trains or coaches with the ISIC card (International Student Identity Card).

Please remember that you need some local money (euros) for buses, trains and taxis.

Arrival during weekends and public holidays

If you are arriving in Jyväskylä during a weekend or on a public holiday, please note that most of the services and institutions are closed (university, banks, accommodation offices etc.), and handling urgent matters can be difficult. That is why we recommend arrival on business days (Monday to Friday).

Arrival Service

This service is provided by the University in order to make your arrival in Jyväskylä more comfortable. If you have informed your student tutor of your exact time of arrival at least one week before your arrival, you will be met by him/her at Jyväskylä Travel Centre (railway/bus station). He/she will then take you to your student apartment. Your tutor will contact you approximately a couple of weeks before the beginning of the semester. Remember to write down the mobile phone number of your tutor and take it along for your journey to Jyväskylä. In case your travel plans change, please keep your tutor informed.

This service is available at the beginning of the semesters only.

Checklist for your first days in Jyväskylä

  • Sign your tenancy agreement at the accommodation office (applicable to Kortepohja only).

  • Open a bank account if needed (your tutor will help you with this).

  • Pay the student union membership fee (if you have not done so in advance, optional for exchange and visiting students).

  • Register at the university (degree and visiting students only) and apply for the Finnish student card (if you have not done so in advance, applicable to those who have joined the Student Union).

  • Contact your host department/faculty.

  • If you are a citizen of an EU member state, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway and the continuous duration of your stay exceeds three months, register your right to reside in Finland at the Finnish Immigration Service.

  • If you are a citizen of a Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland), register your right of residence at a Local Register Office.

  • Obtain a Finnish personal identity code by submitting your personal identity data to the Population Information System and inform the JYU Student Services of it. You can enter your personal identity date to the Population Information System  as follows: