Cost of living

Student Union fee

The membership fee (130.50 €/academic year 2018-2019, 75 €/autumn semester 2018, 77 €/spring semester 2019) for the Student Union is compulsory for all degree students aiming at a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Exchange, visiting and doctoral level students may join the Student Union, if they wish.

The Student Union membership fee entitles students, for example, to use the services of the Student Student Health Centre (YTHS) (Bachelor's and Master's level students only) and to various discounts and benefits.

>> More information on Student Union membership

Living costs

The immigration authorities in Finland require students from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area to have at least 560 € per month at their disposal. We recommend that you have at least 700 € per month in order to have enough funds to pay for your food, lodgings, clothes, study material, social life, etc. How much you need in the end is partly also a question of your personal spending habits.

Average costs:

  • Rent in a student apartment 210-330 €, deposit 250 € (rents in the private rental market higher)
  • Lunch in a student restaurant 2.60 € (Bachelor's and Master's level students)
  • Monthly bus pass 51 € for the local transportation
  • University sports fee 60 €/academic year 2018-2019
  • Survival kit for exchange students 70 €

The cost of course literature is not very high, since most of the books can be borrowed from the University Library.

Financial Aid

Please note that the University of Jyväskylä has no scholarship programmes and cannot offer any financial aid to international students. You must be able to finance your studies yourself or have a scholarship from your home country or from other sources (see below).

Finnish study aid

International students cannot apply for student loans and grants in Finland, unless they have lived in Finland for the past two years in some other capacity than that of a student and can be considered permanent residents in Finland. Further information: www.kela.fi

EDUFI scholarhips

The Finnish National Agency for Education (Edufi) awards and administers scholarships to international postgraduate students, researchers and teachers:

Further information: www.studyinfinland.fi (>> Scholarships)

National & international scholarships

Please note that you should not count on getting a job to finance your studies.

Services of the University's Career Services are available for our degree students.