Student restaurants

There are several student restaurants in the University premises:

  • Ilokivi, the Student Union's restaurant (Main Campus). Menu: ilokivi.fi
  • Semma student restaurants:
    • Kvarkki (building YK, Ylistönrinne Campus)
    • Libri (building B, Main Campus)
    • Lozzi (building P, Main Campus)
    • Maija (building MaA, Mattilanniemi Campus)
    • Piato (Agora, Mattilanniemi Campus)
    • Syke (building L, Main Campus)
    • Tilia (building T, Main Campus) (Note: student-priced lunch not offered in Tilia)
    • Uno (Ruusupuisto, Main Campus)
    • Ylistö (Ylistönrinne Campus)

Menus are available at: https://www.semma.fi/
In these student restaurants, Bachelor's and Master's level students receive a discount on the price of a lunch by showing their student cards. The student price for a reasonably ample lunch is around 2.60 €. All the student restaurants on the campuses, except for Tilia, give student discounts.

Student priced meals are offered outside the University of Jyväskylä's campuses by the following: