By train

When traveling by long distance trains you will get a 30% student discount on the basic tickets by presenting a valid student union card. Student discount is not granted with an ISIC card or any other international student card.

If you have not received your Finnish student card yet, you can use the temporary certificate of student status for discount on VR's trains to prove your eligibility for the student discount. You can get the certificate from the Student Services or from the International Office. Note that the certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of signature.

Further information: www.vr.fi

By long distance bus

Students are granted a 50% discount for bus tickets if the trip covers at least 60 km. When purchasing and using student tickets you must show your Finnish student card, valid for the academic term.

If you have not received your student card yet, you can collect a Matkahuolto student card from the Travel Centre. For that you need

  • a photograph and
  • a certificate from the Student Services or from the International Office
  • 10 Euros.

Further information: www.matkahuolto.fi

You may also travel by Onnibus which is a low-cost bus operator. It is recommended to book the Onnibus tickets well in advance since they are often sold out.

Further information: www.onnibus.com

By local bus

A single ticket purchased from the driver costs 3 €. At night time (23.00 - 04.00) the price is 4 €. (February 2016)

To travel cheaper it is also possible to purchase different kinds of Waltti ticket products such as a season ticket or a value ticket which are loaded on a Waltti travel card.

  • Season ticket (kausilippu in Finnish)
    • valid for 30/90/180 days or 12 months. 
    • prices vary according to for example the validity period
    • a season ticket valid for for example 30 days costs 51€
  • Value ticket (arvolippu in Finnish)
    • valid for 5 years after loading
    • a sum of money will be loaded on Waltti travel card and reduced after each travel
    • the price of a single travel with a value ticket is 1,70€

17 - 24 -year-olds can purchase youth priced Waltti ticket products. Basic degree students who are 25 or older are entitled to student priced tickets by presenting a valid Finnish student card or a certificate of registration from the University of Jyväskylä.

Further information: linkki.jyvaskyla.fi (website currently available only in Finnish).
An online journey planner is available at: http://reittiopas.jyvaskyla.fi/bussit/web?lang=2
Linkki customer service visiting address: Asemakatu 7.


An affordable and easy way to move around is by bike.

When riding a bike you should use the bicycle paths marked with a sign. In places where there is no special bicycle path, please use the right side of the roadway, not the sidewalk. You should follow the same traffic rules as motorists. Also, remember to use lights on the bicycle when driving in the dark. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.

The following stores and repair workshops sell new and/or used bikes:

The following firms rent out bikes:

Driving in Finland

Driving license

Driving licenses issued in other EU or EEA countries are equally valid in Finland. Licenses granted in one of the signatory countries to the Geneva or Vienna International Road Traffic Convention are valid in Finland for one year. If you come from another country or if you need further information about driving in Finland, please see www.poliisi.fi.

Traffic regulations

Before driving in Finland, please familiarize yourself with the Finnish traffic regulations. Please remember that in Finland the car coming from the right has the right of way! There are GIVE WAY signs on some crossings, but it is best to be cautious and always check if there is somebody coming from the right.

According to the law, one must give way to buses when they are setting off from a bus stop. Pedestrians have the right of way at zebra crossings. You should always stop before the crossing, not on it.

Driving under influence

Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs is a crime in Finland. The driver of a motor vehicle is guilty of drunk driving if his or her blood alcohol level during driving or immediately after it is at least 0.05%. The penalty for driving under the influence is a fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Those guilty of gross drunken driving (blood alcohol level 0.12%) are sentenced to prison for up to two years or fined.

Already a low blood alcohol level has an impact on the driving ability and increases the likelihood of an accident. Also, driving with a hangover can be very hazardous.


In Finland winter tyres must be used in December, January and February. At other times, the use of winter tyres is optional. Foreign-registered cars must also use winter tyres (or all-season tyres) in Finland. The tread groove of winter tyres must be at least 3 millimetres. Studded winter tyres may be used between the beginning of November and the end of March (or the Monday following Easter Monday if this is later than the end of March). At other times, they may be used only if the weather conditions so require. The period during which studded winter tyres may be used is restricted because they wear down the road surface.

Winter driving

Also note that winter conditions require a different kind of driving. You may loose control of your vehicle if your speed is too high, you brake suddenly, you accelerate too rapidly or you do not turn the steering wheel smoothly. Overtaking also requires special care in slippery winter conditions. Note also that your car might not start due to a cold weather. To avoid this you need to preheat the engine to ease starting. For this you need a parking space with an electrical outlet and a heater cable. Ask your landlord / housing office about the availability of parking spaces with an electrical outlet.