Leena Alanen


Leena Alanen is a sociologist, Professor (emerita) in Early Childhood Education and Docent in the Sociology of Childhood, at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.  Since the 1980s she has been active in developing Childhood Studies, through her own research and international research projects, as well as in international sociological associations (ISA, ESA). She served as the President of the ISA Research Committee 53 Sociology of Childhood in 1998-2002. She is currently co-editor for Childhood. A journal of global child research (Sage).

Her research interests include social theory, especially childhood in social theory; intergenerational relations; intersections of gender and generation, and the philosophy of social science. She has published in several languages; her latest publications in English include Alanen, L. & Siisiäinen. M. (eds) 2013. Fields and capitals. Constructing local life (University of Jyväskylä) and Alanen, L., Brooker, L. & Mayall, B. (eds) 2015. Childhood with Bourdieu (Palgrave Macmillan).


frones.png   Photo: Erik Berglund

Ivar Frønes


Ivar Frønes is Professor of Sociology at the University of Oslo, Norway, and senior researcher at The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioural Development. His work and international experience covers a variety of areas, with an emphasis on life course analysis; children, youth and family sociology; well-being and social exclusion.  Professor Frones is a member of the Board of the International Society for Child Indicators, the founder of the journal Childhood,  among the group that initiated Childwatch Internationa, and represented in the book "Key Thinkers in Childhood Studies". His numerous publications cover a variations of perpsectives on childhood, among his latest publications (2016) are ”The autnomous Child; theorizing socialization”. In Scandinavia he has published books on digital divides, modern childhood, marginaliation and risk, cultural trends and a variety of subjects related to childhood, youth and life course development. At present he is working on projects on life course, childhood and marginalization.



Nick Lee


Dr. Nick Lee is Director of Research at the Warwick University Centre for Education Studies. He has published across the fields of Science Studies, Education and the Sociology of Childhood including articles in the journals The Lancet: Infectious DiseaseScience, Technology and Human Values and Sociology. In his most recent book ‘Childhood and Bio-politics: Climate change, life processes and human futures’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2013) he examines relationships of power, youth and generation in the contexts of biotechnological innovation and climate change. He has attracted research funding from ESRC, BBSRC, MRC, European Neuroscience and Society Network, Department for Children, Schools and Families and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. He is ELSA lead for Warwick’s Institute for Synthetic Biology and has consulted on social responses to antibiotic resistance for a global hygiene corporation and on the prospects of today’s 5-15 year olds to 2050 for the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.  




Ida Wentzel Winther


Associate Professor, Ph.d., Department of Education, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Ida W. Winther is trained as cultural sociologist, and has for many years worked as children and youth researcher focusing on everyday life, mobility, home, family, siblings. She is interested in materiality and the importance of space and place, especially the ordinary, small items, gaps, in-between time and in-between space.  She works both theoretical, methodological and practical with visual anthropology and culture phenomenology.

Her latest publications in English connected to materiality include the article "'Having my own room would be really cool': Children's rooms as the social and material organizing of siblings", 2017, in Material Culture, written together with Charlotte Palludan; the book Siblings - Practical and Sensitive Relations, Akademisk Forlag, 2015, Copenhagen/Aarhus University (Open Access e-book), written together with Eva Gulløv, Charlotte Palludan & Mads M. Rehder; and the articles "Children's everyday lives (re)constructed as variable sets of 'field bodies' - Revisiting the 'exotic' remote island - a case study", 2013, in Nordic Studies in Education; "'Homing oneself' - Home as a practice", 2009, in Haecceity Papers, Volume 4 / issue 2.

Relevant films; Matup Tunuani (Behind The Door), 2016, 129 min. directors/editors Rune Bundgaard & Martin Svinkløv, academic consultant Ida W. Winther; Children's Everyday life at Christiansø, 2012, 53 minutes, director Ida W. Winther.