Format & Objectives

Format of the conference

The conference will include plenary and semi-plenary presentations on contemporary topics about Computational Science and AI, as well as parallel mini-symposiums and Special Technology sessions, in which there may be a keynote speaker. The plenary, semi-plenary and keynote speakers are all top experts in their field and will be completely or partially supported by the conference. Mini-symposiums and Special Technology Sessions are parallel sessions consisting of approximately 4-6 contributed presentations of 20 minutes (including discussion) and a possible keynote presentation of 40 minutes. The mini-symposiums are more scientific in nature, while the Special Technology Sessions are more industry oriented. 


The objective of this conference is to be a forum of presenting and discussing the recent research, innovation and ideas in the bridged areas of Computational Sciences and AI. A special area of interest is the application of these scientific fields to the industrial sector and real-life problem solving.

In accordance with the Industry Interest Group (IIG), the conference aims to promote the interaction between universities and business life. Therefore a central goal is to bring together representatives of the scientific community as well as the industrial sector to share their knowledge and learn expertize from each other. As networks are becoming more and more important, the conference aims to be a place of creating links and connections between participants with mutual interests.


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