Local organisers

  • Peppi Taalas, Language Centre (chair of the organizing committee)
  • Hannele Dufva, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies
  • Taru-Maija Heilala-Rasimov, University services (conference coordinator)
  • Teppo Jakonen, Centre for Applied Language Studies
  • Juha Jalkanen, Language Centre (secretary and co-chair)
  • Mikko Jäkälä, Language Centre (PR and marketing)
  • Carita Kiili, Dept. of Teacher Education
  • Leena Kuure, Dept. of Languages, University of Oulu
  • Anna Kyppö, Language Centre (virtual extension)
  • Tuija Lehtonen, Language Centre
  • Teija Natri, Language Centre (accompanying persons)
  • Terhi Paakkinen, Dept. of Language and Communication Studies (secretary)
  • Mirja Tarjanen, Dept. of Teacher Education

The organising committee consists mainly of colleagues from  the University of Jyväskylä Language Campus which is a forum of cooperation between JYU units that work on different language-related fields. The units include the Language Centre, the Department of Language and Communication Studies, the Centre for Applied Language Studies, and the Department of Teacher Education (language teacher education).