Conference theme

The conference theme this year is: 'Future-proof CALL: Language learning as exploration and encounters.'

We invite submissions that explore and discuss one or more of the following sub themes from the perspective of the teaching organization, teaching staff, students, researchers, environments and contexts. All sub themes are naturally located in the domains of language use, language learning and learning technologies.

Environments for interaction and learning

  • Multilingual learning contexts
  • Intercultural learning
  • Social inclusion
  • Gamification and virtual reality
  • Telecollaboration and CMC
  • Autonomous and life long learning
  • Open educational resources, MOOCS, learning platforms
  • Mobile learning
  • Language learning in the wild
  • Formal and informal language learning 
  • Corpora and language learning

Pedagogies, practices and cultures

  • Changing educational cultures and practices
  • Pedagogy and learning designs
  • Teacher education and professional development

CALL for future - beyond SLA

  • Disruptive CALL
  • New research trends in CALL: methods, theories and foci
  • Ecology of language learning
  • Sustainability

CALL and 21st century skills

  • Critical literacies
  • Digital literacies
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration and problem-solving

Assessment for learning

  • Assessment and feedback
  • Evidencing learning
  • Learning analytics