Instructions for the presenters

EuroSLA 26 will take place in Congress Centre Paviljonki and in the adjacent Innova buildings.

The equipment in each session room includes

  • a PC computer running Windows 7 or 10
  • an Internet connection, and
  • a data projector.

Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive/memory stick. Depending on the session room, the computers use Office 2013 or 2016. Each computer has a VLC media player should you wish to play video/sound clips. We recommend not to use your own computers or tablets for presentations at the conference venue, so make sure to save your presentation in a Windows compatible format to a USB flash drive/memory stick. If you, however, strongly prefer to use a Mac, please bring a display adapter with you.

It is really important for the smooth running of the conference that you upload your presentation on the session room computer. You can do this on the day of your presentation, most preferably 30 minutes before your session starts. During this time there will be a conference assistant available in the session room to help you upload your presentation on the computer.

There will be a special “speaker room” called Klubi in Paviljonki where you can test that your presentation is working as it should (sounds, videos, etc.). Please note that you cannot upload your files for presentation there, though. Klubi is reserved only for testing.

If you wish to use handouts, please bring them with you to the conference. If you need extra printouts, Paviljonki Information Desk provides photocopying facilities for affordable rates.


Paper sessions

The time reserved for a paper presentation is 25 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). It is very important that each presenter strictly keeps to this schedule. There will be nominated Session Chairs, who will introduce you and keep the time during the talk and the question period.

Each paper session will last for 1.5 hours (90 min.) with three presentations (max.)



Colloquium organizers: The time reserved for each colloquium is 3 hours (180 min.), as a rule with a break in between (Coffee or Lunch) as indicated in the conference programme. As the colloquium organizer, you may allocate the time for presentation as best suits your colloquium. Nevertheless, we ask you to keep to the order of presentations given in the conference programme so that it would be easier for the conference participants to follow the session. The congress assistants will be available if you need help in monitoring the time, for example, but please feel free to organize the session in a way that suits you best.

As for the discussant’s role, it is again up to you to decide on the specific role and tasks of the discussant (e.g. whether the discussant will comment after each presentation or whether s/he will react on the colloquium as a whole at the end of the session).

Colloquium participants: Please consult your colloquium organizer(s) to find out how much time you will have for your presentation and whether it will be in the first or second part of the colloquium. (with Lunch or Coffee in between).


Poster presentations

There will be two parallel poster sessions: one on Thu, 25 August during the afternoon coffee break (15:20-16:00) and another on Fri, 26 August (15:05-15:45) as indicated in the conference programme.

Please note that each poster session will have two stages (and places): first, all poster presenters will take turns and summarize orally the main points a poster (1 minute, max.) in rooms Wivi and Wolmar. After that the audience will move to the upper foyer of Paviljonki to view the posters. There will be coffee/tea available in the foyer.

Poster presentersWhen designing your poster, please keep in mind its optimal size of A0 (width 841 mm x height 1189 mm).

The poster walls will be located in the upper foyer of Paviljonki and they will be marked with your name. A congress assistant will be available in the morning of your scheduled poster presentation to help you set up the posters. Please remember to remove your poster at the end of the day.

Please remember to remove your poster at the end of the conference.