Lea Nieminen: The second language acquisition processes of students with specific learning difficulties: some results from Jyväskylä research

Depending on the source, it has been estimated that 3–5 % or even 10–15 % of the population is suffering from dyslexia, also called as specific reading disability or developmental reading impairment. Although there are studies of comorbidity of dyslexia and other learning difficulties and from cognitive point of view reading and language learning have a lot in common, dyslexia has been a very “monolingual” field of study. Only recently also second or foreign language acquisition has gained more attention from the researchers. The talk will draw together some results of the Jyväskylä dyslexia studies on how dyslexic individuals cope with second language learning, also from motivational perspective, and what kind of support  the use of modern technologies has to offer for dyslexic language learners.