Discount by IRIS

EuroSLA 2016 supports IRIS, the repository of materials for collecting second language data http://www.iris-database.org.

IRIS is offering a 35 Euro discount to delegates who contribute their data collection materials (e.g. questionnaires, reading tests) to IRIS during the registration period: April 25th - August 24th 2016. The data collection materials you contribute to IRIS must have been used in a peer-reviewed publication or an approved PhD thesis for research into second languages.

Please note that you must contribute data collection materials to IRIS; you cannot contribute data itself or an article/paper.

Discounts are available for  20 delegates (first come first served). If you pay this reduced rate, your contact details will be passed to the IRIS team. Email iris@iris-database.org with any queries, or with the materials themselves with at least one reference to the related published work or approved PhD thesis. 'Data collection materials' includes questionnaires, stimuli, elicitation tasks, tests, protocols, amongst others. For more information, and to upload, please visit http://www.iris-database.org.

Checklist for receiving this discount (please ensure you meet all of the following criteria):

  • I will contribute my data collection materials to IRIS (not data itself, or an article)
  • The data collection materials I will contribute to IRIS were used in a peer-reviewed publication or an approved PhD thesis
  • I will contribute my data collection materials within the registration period
  • This discount is for a unique contribution to IRIS (i.e. the same material has not been used to claim discount for another conference)
  •  I am not claiming discount for data collection materials that I contributed to IRIS before the start of the EuroSLA 2016 registration period