Submission of Proposals

PLEASE NOTE! As the end of February this year falls on the 29th rather that the 28th, we have decided to keep the submission page open until midnight (23:00 CET) of February 29, 2016.

The submission of proposals opens on February 1, 2016, and closes on February 28, 2016.

We invite submissions for individual paper presentationsposter presentations and colloquia with thematically related papers, discussion and audience participation. Also, if you have an idea for a new type of event, please get in touch with the organizers with the outline of your plan.

Doctoral students may alternatively submit a proposal for the doctoral student workshop organized on Wed August 24. Those accepted in the workshop will receive feedback on their work in progress from senior scholars during the workshop. If choosing this option, please submit an abstract, and remember to tick the box "I'm submitting my proposal for doctoral student workshop".

Length of abstracts

  • paper or poster: 300 words, max., including references
  • colloquium: 500 words, max., including titles of papers but no mention of presenters by name; and if a proposal is accepted, an abstract will be requested for each paper, 300 words, max. Please indicate the duration of the colloquium (90/180 minutes) as well.

Presenter policy

Please note that each participant can appear as the first author of one presentation only. A colloquium convener can also present at the colloquium or elsewhere in the programme.

The first author needs to be a presenter and a registered attending participant at EuroSLA 26. Colloquium organizers also need to be registered attending participants.


The proposals for all presentations will be evaluated anonymously by at least two members of the EuroSLA Scientific committee. The criteria include the quality of the content and the clarity of the abstract, contribution to the field and thematic relevance.

Proposal acceptances will be sent out by April 25, 2016.