GIREP-EPEC 2011 Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland


Girep-Epec 2011 Preparations underway
Preparing for the conference takes time, but on January 10 we'll be ready to open the website.
First Announcement
We kindly invite you to participate in the GIREP-EPEC International Conference for physics teachers, educators and researchers to be held at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, August 1-5, 2011.
Second Announcement
There is still good time to send in your contributions!
Third Announcement
The abstract submissions deadline is extended to 30 April 2011!
Abstract submission has ended
Thank you for your many contributions - now it's time to register for the conference!
A poster competition at the GIREP-EPEC 2011
The EPS Conference Committee has provided a prize for the best poster at the conference.
The Conference Venue has changed!
The conference will be held at the Department of Physics in Jyväskylä.
The conference has started
Hopefully everyone continues to enjoy the talks, presentations and the overall athmosphere!
Paper submissions are opened
You can now submit your paper - the deadline is October 31.
Paper submission deadline extended
The new deadline is November 14, 2011.
Paper reviews received
The papers are reviewed and you can expect to receive an e-mail about your submission by February 10.
All papers reviewed
The book committee has sent messages to all authors who submitted their paper for the proceedings.
Electronic version of the Proceedings published
All of the accepted papers are published in the Electronic Proceedings of the GIREP-EPEC 2011 Conference; the print Proceedings is about to go into print.
The printed proceedings mailed
Those of you who sent your addresses to us to be sent a print version of the GIREP-EPEC 2011 Proceedings should be receiving your copies in the near future.