GIREP-EPEC 2011 Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland

Photos from GIREP-EPEC 2011

All photographs were taken by Anni Rossi.

Photo 1 Photo 3

Anssi Lindell with the Conference Assistants, and professor Ton Ellermeijer welcoming all conference visitors


Photo 3  Photo 5   Photo 7

Professor Robert Lambourne, and our first plenary, professor Paul G. Hewitt


Photo 5  Photo 5

Conference audience and professor Walter Kutschera, the second plenary speaker.


 Photo 9 Photo 9

Tuesday's plenaries: professors Carl Angell and Cecilia Jarlskog


Photo 9 Photo 12

A Magical workshop by professor Dieter Kadan, and the hustle in the poster room during the first poster session.


Photo 13  Photo 15 Photo 16

Wednesday's first plenary, professor Dimitris Psillos; the happy MUSE workshop activities, and the EPS Teacher Awardee Becky Parker.


Photo 13 Photo 17

Wednesday's second plenary, professor Matti Weckström; and workshopping.


Photo 18 Photo 18 Photo 18


Thursday's plenary speakers, professors Lynn Bryan and Arttu Luukanen; and a locally organised graphene workshop.


Photo 18 Photo 18


Friday's plenary speaker, professor Wendy Adams, and the Tavicon Conference bureau after a very busy week!


Thank you all for being here and making the conference real!