Practical information


Scientific talks, poster session, and welcome event will be held at Ylistö campus in lecture hall KEM1. If you are coming from the city center, you should cross the railroad, and follow the lake south until you reach Hotel Alba. From there, you should cross the bridge and climb up the long stairs. The lecture hall KEM1 is located in the building which is on your left hand side when you are climbing the stairs. Coding workshops are held at Nanoscience Center in room YN341.




Relaxed get-together without formal program starts at 19:00 in front of KEM1.

Register. Meet everyone. Check out the place for the next morning. Enjoy some drinks and snacks.


Scientific talks

Scientific talks start on Tuesday morning in KEM1. Plenary talks are 50mins and invited talks are 40 min including 5 mins for questions and discussion. These should include a proper introduction to the subject as backgrounds of the participants varies from chemistry and physics to computer science. Contributed talks are 18min+2min. Speakers should contact organizers directly after the previous session to test their presentation. Speakers who wish to use their own computer should bring all required connectors with them.


Poster session

Poster session starts straight after the last talks on Tuesday. The posters should be setup during the previous coffee break. The recommended size for posters is A0 (or similar). Some drinks and snacks will be available.



Dinner will be served in Hotel Alba on Wednesday starting at 19:00. Dress code: smart casual.


Social program

To be announced.



Eduroam is avaible at Ylistö campus, but there is NO open WiFi. It costs  The hotels (should) have their own free WiFi.

If you don't have eduroam account or want your own internet connection for some other reason, you might want to buy a prepaid SIM card. For example, you can buy Saunalahti Prepaid card for 5,90€ from R-kioski at airport / railroad station. 3G data charges are capped to 0,99€ per day, so it should be enough for 5 days.



If we are lucky it will be above +20°C and sunny, but it might as well be +10°C and rainy. You will need a jacket, especially during nights. Check the forecast, but don't trust it.

ATTENTION! There will be NO NIGHT. The sky will remain bright even after the sunset (after 11 pm) and before the sunrise (around 3 am). So just in case, I recommend you to bring a sleep mask or something else to cover your eyes... unless you are accustomed to sleeping lights on.



Most hotels in Finland have a sauna, and it is free of charge. Try it out! Especially, if you are staying in Hotel Alba, go to sauna, then jump into the fresh lake, and repeat. If you need guidance, just ask from the reception. If you don't get access to sauna, tell me and we will arrange something.



Something else?

Just ask.