Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research: Scope


Hydrogen bonded systems play very important role in many disciplines like chemistry, biology, astrophysics, supramolecular chemistry and nanoscience, chemical engineering, and material sciences.

The International Conference on "Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research" is a biennial conference series with a long tradition, which gather scientists working in the field of hydrogen bonding research, from weak to strong interactions, studied virtually all states of matter by a multitude of experimental and theoretical methods. Also, studies of similar interactions like halogen bonds, chalcogen bonds and pnictogen bonds are in the focus area of HBOND2017.

HBOND2017 is the twenty second in the series of conferences on hydrogen bonding which was originally initiated by Prof. Lucjan Sobczyk in Poland in 1977. Up to now the following conferences has been taking place in the HBOND conference series:

1        1977     L.  Sobczyk, Karpacz, Poland
2      1978     G. Zundel, Munich, Germany
3       1979     D. Hadzi, Ankaran, Yugoslavia
4       1980     I. Olovsson, Sångy-Såby, Sweden
5       1981     A. Potier, Montpellier, France
6       1982     P. Huyskens, Leuven, Belgium
7       1985     W. A. P. Luck, Marburg, Germany
8       1987     L. Sobczyk, Polanica Zdrój, Poland
9       1989     J. Kroon, Zeist, The Netherlands
10     1993    Y. Maréchal, Autrans, France
11     1995    L. Kimtys, Birstona, Lithuania
12     1997    P. Schuster, Niederöblarn, Austria
13     1999    L. Sobczyk, Świeradów Zdrój, Poland
14     2001    P. Ugliengo, Turin, Italy
15     2003    H.H. Limbach, Berlin, Germany
16     2005    P.E. Hansen, Roskilde, Denmark
17     2007    K.G. Tokhadze, St. Petersburg, Russia
18     2009    M.C. Bellissent-Funel, Paris, France
19     2011    M. Suhm, Göttingen, Germany
20     2013    W. Herrebout, Antwerpen, Belgium
21     2015    Z.Latajka, Wrocław, Poland
22   2017     J.Lundell, Jyvaskyla, Finland