Conference buses


The conference organisers provide conference delegates the possibility to take a bus on Sunday 10.9.2017 from Helsinki airport to the conference site in Jyväskylä. The bus will depart at 17:00 (5 pm) from Helsinki airport. The bus can be found at the Charter bus platform next to Terminal 2 at Helsinki airport.

There will also be buses returning from Jyvaskyla on Friday 15.9.2017 to Helsinki airport. The departure times of the buses are at 8:00 8 am) and 10:00 (10 am).

Using these bus connections are free of charge for the conference participants. Note however, that you need to book your place on the bus with this form.

Also,  please use this form if you are flying to and from Jyvaskyla and would like to be picked up from the Jyvaskyla airport.
Note that there is no public transport from Jyvaskyla airport to Jyvaskyla city center. Instead, taxis need to be used.  

Your destination airport upon arrival (Sunday 10.9.2017)  

Your airport of departure (Friday 15.9.2017)  

Time of bus to Helsinki airport