Monday June 18

Parallel Sessions 16:00–18:00

Wilhelm, second floor

Session 1: “Town and Gown”: US Campus Oral History Programs & Community Engagement in the Digital Age
Chair: Douglas Boyd 

Douglas Boyd (USA):
Connecting the Archive to Community: Oral History, Digital Technology, Engagement
Sarah Milligan (USA):
Information “Sharing” in a Digital World: Examining the Online Face of Oral History
Troy Reeves (USA):
Town and Gown in the Digital Age: Outreach at UW-Madison Oral History Program
Stephen Sloan (USA):
Connections On and Off Campus: Creating New Links in a New Age
Alistair Thomson (Australia):
Digital Aural History: Creating a New Type of Oral History Publication
Juliana Nykolaiszyn (USA):
Building awareness and generating interest in oral history collections through podcasting

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Wolmar, second floor

Session 2: Silence in Memory, Silenced Memories
Chair: Paula Hamilton

Dalia Leinarte (Lithuania):
Silence in Eastern and Central European Biographical Accounts and Life Stories
Daniela Koleva (Bulgaria):
Bulgarian Jews and Israeli Bulgarians: how can silences speak
Anne Heimo (Finland):
Memories of 1918 Finnish Civil War and strategical silence
Urka Strle (Slovenia):
Breaking politically induced silence: Italian fascist camps and Slovenes
Kirsi Laurén (Finland):
Transgenerational trauma narratives: memories of the Soviet partisan attacks in Finnish borderland
Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (Finland):
Sensory and Material Memories of War – Children in Post-conflict Environment in Finnish Lapland 

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Wivi, second floor

Session 3: Different Oralities: Documenting the Human Experience of Conflict through the “I” and the “We”
Teresa Meade (USA): “’We do not become refugees by choice’: Testimony from a Life of War and Conflict”
Andor Skotnes (USA): Memories of Resistance in the U.S. Black Freedom and Workers’ Movements during the Long World War
Claire Skotnes (USA): The Struggle for Popular Schools in Argentina
Marvi Slathia & Akshay Kumar (India): Memories and Narration of 1947 Partition: First generation memories and stories of Refugees of Jammu and Kashmir

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Alvar, third floor

Session 4: Memory of Labor: On Narratives of Highways, Shoes and Film-Making 
Chair: Arzu Öztürkmen
Arzu Öztürkmen (Turkey): Country Roads, The Place I Belong: Highway Workers’ Bonding in Field Work
S. Buse Yildirim (Turkey): “Memory of Labor in Turkey: On narratives of highways, shoes and film-making” – Shoemaking and memory
Elif Ergezen (Turkey): Out of sight, therefore nonexistent? The Invisible Labor of Cinema Making in Turkey

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Elsi third floor

Session 5: Clothes as Emotional Objects in Oral Histories
Chair: Arja Turunen

Tiina Kinnunen (Finland): The contested memories of the Lotta dress in 20th century Finland
Liisa Lalu (Finland): Young girl in a blue shirt. Clothing as identity politics in personal narratives of radical left women in 1970s Finland
Sigga-Marja Magga (Finland): Fluctuating ideas of resistance in traditional Sámi clothing
Kaisa Vehkalahti (Finland): Men’s suit as a symbol of masculinity and adulthood in oral histories of the early-20th-century Finnish culture
Maarit Sireni (Finland): Materializing the loss of home: Domestic objects for remembering and producing re-memories of ceded Karelia

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