Practical information


Conference Info Desk
The Conference Info Desk is located in the lobby of Paviljonki. It opens for registration on Monday June 18, 11:00–18:00, and is then open daily from 08:30 for the duration of the conference. Email:, telephone: +358 (0)40 8054 503.

Registration and conference material
All participants must register onsite at the Conference Info Desk in order to receive their conference pack. The conference pack contains a bag, a badge, a program book, paid vouchers, a tourist information brochure, a map, a pen, and a notebook.

All participants receive a badge when registering at the desk. This badge permits access to all conference sessions, lunches and the Evening Reception on Monday. The badge should be worn at all times during the conference.

Lunches and coffee breaks
Lunch is included in the conference fee. It is served in the restaurant Faneri, on the third floor. Refreshments are available for conference participants during the scheduled coffee breaks.

Changes in the program
Possible changes and updates to the program will be announced on the digital notice board located in the first floor lobby.  

Staff assistance
Conference assistants and members of the local organizing committee are happy to help you with any practical questions or problems you may have during the conference. The members of the local organizing committee have the abbreviation LOC on their name badge and the conference assistants have STAFF. The conference assistants are wearing an IOHA 2018 T-shirt and LOC members have a blue lanyard.

Presentation guidelines
All presenters should arrive at their designated room at least 15 minutes before the session is due to begin. Introduce yourself to the chair of the session, and make sure your presentation works as it should. The duration of each presentation is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. The chairpersons ensure that the schedule is followed and that every presenter receives the same presentation time. 

Technical equipment 
All presentation rooms are equipped with a PC (Windows 10), data projector, and sound system. Please bring your presentation on a Windows-compatible USB flash drive/memory stick. You can upload your presentation on the session room computer during the break before your session starts. Conference assistant are available to help you during this time. We recommend not using your own computers for presentations. However, if you prefer to use a Mac, you must bring a display adapter with you.

Wireless network 
Network: PaviljonkiPRO, user: ioha2018, password: ioha2018.

Speaker room (Klubi)
On the first floor we have a special speaker room called Klubi where you can test that your presentation is working as it should (sound, video, etc.). There are assistants to help you with any technical questions you may have. The speaker room is open daily from 10:00 until the last session of the day starts.

Meeting room (Robert)
Reservations for meeting room Robert (for 10 persons) can be done at the Info Desk. Meeting room Robert will be open daily 9:00–18:00.

Paviljonki Info Desk
Paviljonki also has its own information desk located in the first floor lobby. The congress center staff is happy to assist in all questions related to the Center and other tourist information. A copying service is also available for a reasonable fee at the Paviljonki Info desk. 

You can park your car in P-Paviljonki 1 and P-Paviljonki 2 parking garages near the conference venue Paviljonki. Parking information +358 (0)20 743 6830. 

Tourist Information
The City of Jyväskylä’s Tourist Information Office is located at Asemakatu 6. Information about Jyväskylä is also available online at Visit Jyväskylä.

Health Services
Emergency health care is available at the Central Hospital. Address: Keskussairaalantie 19. The emergency number in Finland is 112. Local pharmacies (Apteekki) sell prescription-free drugs and remedies. For help with first aid at the conference venue, please contact the Paviljonki Info Desk. 

Credit cards and ATMs
Most international credit cards are accepted in shops, hotels, and restaurants.  ATMs (Otto) can be found, for example, along the pedestrian zone on Kauppakatu as well as at the railway and bus station Matkakeskus.

+358 (0)100 6900
+358 (0)44 0784071

Midsummer in Finland
Midsummer is a national holiday in Finland. On Midsummer Eve (June 22) and Midsummer Day (June 23) most stores and restaurants are closed and the Finns leave for their summer cottages. This means that the city centers are virtually deserted. If you plan to stay in Finland after the conference, you should take into account that all services will be limited and travelling from one place to another can be difficult during Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day. In Helsinki there is a public Midsummer party on Seurasaari (which we recommend) and in small towns there are numerous music festivals for young people. For more information about celebrating Midsummer around Jyväskylä, contact the City of Jyväskylä’s Tourist Information Office.

The weather is highly variable in June. The daytime temperatures can vary from 5 °C (40 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) the average being 19 °C (66 °F). Both sunshine and rain are possible and changes in the weather can occur quickly. This means that you need to prepare for any kind of weather. The nights are very short at this time of the year. If you find it hard to sleep in bright light, we recommend eye masks, though most of the hotels have blackout curtains.