Poster presentations

Monday, June 18


Lobby, third floor

Maria Elisabete do Valle Mansur (Brazil): Historia Oral – el desafío de la investigación en campo educativo
Evi Kuai-Fong Ian, Wai-Him Pang (China): Memoirs of Macao people under wartime shadow
Shambhu Dutta Joshi & Shyam Kumar B. K. (Nepal): Uses of Traditional Medicine and the Health Care System: How the community response Oral History in developing country
Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti, Riina Haanpää, Niina Naarminen (Finland): Personal and Shared Narratives on Living in Unesco’s World Heritage Sites in Finland
Laura Mitchison (United Kingdom): Sound, movement and shared narratives at University College London Hospitals 
Wai-Him Pang, Kuai-Fong Ian (China): Oral History Studies of Traditional Handicraft Industries in Macao
Ulla Savolainen (Finland): Memory Unchained: Mapping Individual Creativity and Transnational Memory in Autobiographical Writings of Ingrians
Natalia Starostina (USA): Digital Methods for Teaching and Studying the Swedish Speaking Minority in Finland
Ieong Wai In, Kuai-Fong Ian (China): Newsstand on corners in Macao
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