Tuesday June 19

Parallel Sessions 13:30–15:30

Wilhelm, second floor

Session 18: Audiovisual Presentation B
Esther Johnson (United Kingdom): Asunder

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Wivi, second floor

Session 19: Troubling Trauma: Oral History in Conflict-Affected Settings
Chair: Sean Field
Sean Field (South Africa): The afterlives of apartheid: working through the other of trauma
Jo-Anne Duggan (South Africa): Troubling photographs / troubling the photographic encounter 
Erin Jessee (United Kingdom): Conceptualizing trauma in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide 
Jonna Katto (Finland): Emotions in protest: unsettling the past in ex-combatants’ personal accounts in northern Mozambique
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Wolmar, second floor

Session 20: Power to the People: How Oral History and Civil Rights Methodology Transform Digital Humanities
Chair: Nishani Frazier
Nishani Frazier (USA): You Don’t Know Shit and You Can’t Have Shit: Shared Authority and Embracing Silence in Freedom Movement Digital Work
Almut Leh (Germany): Audio Mining. Advanced Speech Analytics for Oral History
Amanda Hill (USA): Crafting Memory: Where Oral History Meets Narrative in the Creation of a Mobile Game

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Alvar, third floor

Session 21: Autobiography and Literary Strategies
Chair: Kati Mikkola
Klára Soukupová (Czech Republic): Victim, or Culprit? Narrative Schemes in Autobiography
Hanna-Leena Nissilä (Finland): Narratives of traumatic and embodied memories – “Evacuee literature” as creative remembrance
Kati Mikkola (Finland): Interpretations of secularisation and religious change by lower class writers in the late 19th and early 20th century Finland
Monika Schott (Australia): The faraway land of the house and two cows: investigating the concept of community in company ghost towns through a poetics of creative nonfiction writing

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Elsi, third floor

Session 22: Art, Literature and Design
Chair: Sue Andersson
Elizabeth Varela (Brazil): Possible narratives: the neoconcrete art movement in Brazil
Kathleen M. Ryan (USA): Reclaiming the Photographic Archive: “Mother” Nature, Oral History, and Environmental Religiosity
Sarah Hesketh (United Kingdom): ’This is not a work of history’: Making Poetry from Oral History
Leena Svinhufvud (Finland), Kärt Summatavet (Estonia): Oral Histories of Designers: Rethinking the historical, theoretical and international foundations of Finnish design
Teemu Jokilaakso (Finland): Oral tradition as a literary technique in Marko Tapio’s Arctic Hysteria novels

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Anton, third floor

Session 23: Oral History of Health, Illness and Disability
Chair: Amy Shuman
Cecilia Trenter (Sweden): “Why did AIDS come to us at this time?” Explanations of a trauma and oral histories in the Face of AIDS Film Archive
Vanessa Allen-Brown (USA): Triangulating Oral History for African American Women Cancer Survivors
Ella Leith (United Kingdom): Where’s the ’I’ in deaf? Understanding the personal as collective in British Sign Language life stories
David Caruso (USA): Oral history, scientists with disabilities, and the Oral History Review
Tom McGorrian (United Kingdom): ’Hospice Stories’ – Developing documentary practices for sensitive contexts – Video Ethnography in the UK Hospice Sector

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Gustaf, third floor

Session 24: Political Changes, Political Memories
Chair: Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti
Pia Koivunen (Finland): “I wanted to see the man with that thing on his forehead” – Autobiographical research meets oral history in the context of Mikhail Gorbachev’s State Visit to Finland in 1989
Hanna Kapustian (Ukraine): Ukrainian Holodomor (1932-1933) through the prism of oral history
Joni Krekola (Finland): Strategies of explaining failures by the former Finnish MPs
Felicitas P. Söhner (Germany): Between culture of remembrance and history politics – oral history in professional contexts
Katherine Bischoping & Zhipeng Gao (Canada): “An egret in the snow”: Everyday talk about generations in China
Mambet Koigeldiev, Baurzhan Zhanguttin, Aliya Bolatkhan (Kazakhstan): Our Soviet past: the oral history of the kazakh society

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Felix, third floor

Session 25: Gaming and Playing
Chair: Jaakko Suominen
Bernardo Buarque de Hollanda (Brazil): Football, oral history and fandom: testimonials of the supporters clubs association in Brazil
Michael John (Austria): “I went to a match as soon as possible.” Soccer and male Identity
A. Casa Nova Maia (Brazil): Another vision of the city, another cognition: first glimpse on body memories and the skateboard culture in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Jaakko Suominen (Finland) & Maria B. Garda (Australia): Oral history research and game studies

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Wäinö, fourth floor

Session 26 Memoirs, Literature and Biographies
Chair: Anne Heimo
Jana Wohlmuth Markupová (Czech Republic): Sharing Experience. Presentation of an Oral History Based Biography of Ivan M. Havel
Eszter Éva Hörcher (Hungary): Narration and Life Stories in Literature of Krisztina Tóth
Alice Lang (Brazil): Constructing a Biography

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