Tuesday June 19

Parallel Sessions 16:00–18:00

Wilhelm, second floor

Session 27: Audiovisual Presentation C

David Staton & Kathleen M. Ryan (USA): Pin Up! The Interactive Documentary: An Experiment in Narrator Agency and User Engagement

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Wivi, second floor

Session 28: Oral Histories of LGBTQ 1
Chair: Riikka Taavetti

Amy Tooth Murphy (United Kingdom): The trouble with straight lines: Narrative structures and new methods for LGBTQ oral history
Uku Lember (Estonia): Male homosexual experiences in late Soviet Estonia (1960-80s)
Riikka Taavetti (Finland): Glimpses of Queer. Life Writings and Queer Cultural Memory
Kim Silow Kallenberg (Sweden): Marcus and Noel: life narratives in the intersection of masculinity, class, drug abuse and mental illness.

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Wolmar, second floor

Session 29: Transgenerational Perspectives of Migration
Chair: Helena Jerman

Klara Kohoutova & Lucia Heldakova (Slovakia): My grandpa wasn’t a Hungarian! The Stigmata of home comers to Czechoslovakia through the second and third generation viewpoint
Michal Pavlásek (Czech Republic): Family as a Memory Lab: Negotiations of Migrations and Identities
Arbnora Dushi (Kosovo): The Inherited Memories of Homeland Nostalgia
Helena Jerman (Finland): Memory moves: How forms of culture and remembrance cross generations and boundaries in a diasporic community
Defne Özözer (Turkey): On the Changing Senses of Belonging: Memory and Identity among Muslim Descendants from Greece
Rina Benmayor (USA): “What does seeking this citizenship mean to you/to me?” Oral Histories and Personal Memoirs of People of Sephardic Ancestry Seeking Spanish and Portuguese Citizenship

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Alvar, third floor

Session 30: Memories of War and Conflict
Chair: Mark Wong

Lavinia Besliu (Romania): The Last Survivors. Personal and Shared Narratives of war, famine and epidemics
Ondrej Zila (Czech Republic): Narrating the Flight of Bosnian Serbs from Sarajevo after the end of the war
Carlos Pestana (Switzerland): “As if you wanted us to describe how a horse galloped 40 years ago, but we never took notice of it.”
Pavel Stehlík (Czech Republic): The Battle of Kangaba: An Oral History of The European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM MALI) by the Czech soldiers who fought in it
Oanh Ngoc Nguyen-Ta (USA): Unkept Promises
Vicente Díaz Gandasegui & Patricia Barbadillo Griñan (Spain): Memory of the resilience and resilient memory: oral narratives of repression during the Spanish Civil War and Francoism

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Elsi, third floor

Session 31: Memories of Labor: On Narratives of Highways, Shoes and Film-Making
Chair: Arzu Öztürkmen
Commentator: Alessandro Portelli

Arzu Öztürkmen (Turkey): Country Roads, The Place I Belong: Highway Workers’ Bonding in Field Work
S. Buse Yildirim (Turkey): “Memory of Labor in Turkey: On narratives of highways, shoes and film-making” – Shoemaking and memory
Elif Ergezen (Turkey): Out of sight, therefore nonexistent? The Invisible Labor of Cinema Making in Turkey

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Anton, third floor

Session 32: Different Oralities: Documenting the Human Experience of Conflict Through the “I” and the “We”
Chair: Donald Ritchie

Teresa Meade (USA): “’We do not become refugees by choice’: Testimony from a Life of War and Conflict”
Andor Skotnes (USA): Memories of Resistance in the U.S. Black Freedom and Workers’ Movements during the Long World War
Claire Skotnes (USA): The Struggle for Popular Schools in Argentina
Javier Cervera-Gil (Spain): True or false loyalties in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): the case of the “Guardia Civil”

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Gustaf, third floor

Session 33: Transgenerational Memories
Chair: Marija Dalbello

Celia R. P. Lucena (Brazil): Transgenerational memory in Bixiga: a historical district in São Paulo
Marina Baiduzh (Russia): Mythological beliefs and transgenerational memory: a few cases of Siberian modern families
Annmarie Reid (Australia): ’Stories my grandfather never told me’: Transgenerational memories and World War One memorabilia from the Western Front
Oto Poloucek (Czech Republic): Image of socio-cultural changes of Czech countryside in several generations’ memories
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Felix, third floor

Session 34: Heritage and Politics
Chair: Pertti Anttonen

Tomás Mac Conmara (Ireland): Always in the human consciousness of the people: The Irish War of Independence: Violence, vernacular social memory and history
Soumyabrato Bagchi & Bhaskar Chakrabarti (India): The Politics of Reshaping Memories: A Tale of a Local Government in India
Saeideh Mahrami & Samir Ketf (Iran): The uniform oral historiography in Iran, the reasons of appearance, effects and results
Cate Pattison (Australia): From Refineries to McMansions – Heritage from Below in Social Geography
Pertti Anttonen (Finland): Master Narratives and Counter-Narratives Revisited: On the Political Heritage of Finnish Civil War in Light of the Controversy over Anniversary Coin Series in Spring 2017

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Wäinö, fourth floor

Session 35: Memory and Oral Traditions
Chair: Tuomas Hovi

Jonathan Ritchie (Australia) & Gregory Bablis (Papua New Guinea): ’George Washington’ and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel: legend-making in wartime Papua
Nikhil Kumar (India): Oral History and Folklore: A Study of Traditional Environmental Knowledge and Perceptions among Ethnic groups of Aravalli Mountains of India
Tana Showren (India): Legend of the Aabhu Thanyi: Native Oral Traditions of North East India
Gabriel Medrano de Luna (Mexico): Tradition and folklore in Mexico: Oral culture and Mexican intangible heritage

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