The 2nd Call for Papers

The 2nd Call for Papers

Interpersonal Violence Interventions - Social and Cultural Perspectives

International Conference, August 28 - 30th 2013

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

How has violence been understood in different ages and cultures? How is it defined today? The aim of the conference is to bring together experts on interpersonal violence in the fields of social and legal studies, history, cultural research, psychology and health care or from any relevant discipline.

Keynote Speakers:

Rebecca and Russell Dobash, University of Manchester

Maria Eriksson, University of Uppsala

Jim A. Sharpe, University of York

The purpose of the conferences is to create a forum in which experts on violence from different disciplines can present and compare their research methods and results and engage in a dialogue to promote interdisciplinary cooperation. The language of the conference is English. Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book. An international publication based on the papers presented in the conference is being planned. The following topics for papers on interpersonal violence will be especially emphasized:

1. Interpersonal violence and tolerance to it from various cultural aspects

2. Gendered violence, interpersonal violence, sexual violence

3. Violence and lifespan: childhood, youth, adult, seniors

4. Honour, shame and violence

5. Religion, authorities and violence

6. Mental violence, bullying, virtual violence

7. International comparisons of homicide rates, violence and media

8. Social labeling - perpetrator, victim

9. Violence in subcultures, violence in sports, workplace violence

10. Posters

Following sessions are so far included to the conference programme. The organizers encourage proposing abstracts related to them:

· Forbidden violence between man and wife - historical forms and definitions

· Bullying and violence in the lifespan of individuals

· Creating A Cross-Curricular Intervention: Strengthening Anti-Violence Norms in High School Students

· Intersections and intersectionality in representations of gendered violence

· Hate speech as discursive violence

· Cross-Curricular Interventions: Teaching and Responding Critically to Anti-Violence Norms in Secondary and University Students

· Violence intervention in social and health care

· Perpetrator intervention programmes in stopping domestic violence

· The victims of repeated violence and stalking - How to intervene and to support

The organizers would like to welcome academic contributions for the conference. Proposals with short abstracts (max 300 words) can be submitted by April 15th 2013. Abstract proposals should include: Full contact information of the presenter, the title, and the topic of the paper.

Submit your abstract online at:


The Academy of Finland research projects Chastisement or Violence? Attitudes towards the Misuse of Patriarchal Power in Modernising Finland and Encountering Violence in Social and Health Care Organizations in cooperation with the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy and the Department of History and Ethnology of the University of Jyväskylä.

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