Oral presentations


  • The conference presentations will take place in the various locations across the Agora building as detailed in the programme.
  •  All presentation rooms are equipped with a PC, data projector, and sound system. You may use your own device (laptop, tablet, etc.), but please bring also a proper adapter with you, in order to make sure the device can be connected to the data projector.
  •  Alternatively, you can choose to upload your presentation to the room-based PCs and use that. In this case, the presentation need to be transferred in good time before your talk. Please, contact the technical assistant of your session for more details before the session begins.
  • Whichever presentation method is chosen, please make sure that your presentation is ready to be presented at the allotted time in the programme. All presenters should arrive at their designated room 15 minutes before the session is due to begin. Please, introduce yourself to the session Chair, and make sure your presentation works as it should.
  • The duration of each oral presentation in a session is 20 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion. The chairpersons will take care that the schedule is followed and that every presenter will be allotted the same presentation time.
  • Delivering a oral paper in 20 minutes can go by very quickly, so before the conference we strongly advise that you rehearse your presentation aloud and time it.

  • A good PowerPoint presentation can enhance your paper. For a 15/20minute presentation between 10 - 15 slides is recommended. Any more may make your presentation appear rushed.

  • The overall schedule will be maintained in the event of a cancellation. In such an event, other presenters are not permitted to extend their presentation or to begin the next presentation earlier than scheduled. The session Chair has been instructed to interrupt presentations that last longer than their allocated time. Please, stay on time with your presentation for the duration for the entire programme so as to ensure equity for all presenters.
  • Conference language: English