Getting to Finland


  • International flights to Helsinki

The main international airport in Finland is Helsinki airport which is well connected to all parts of the world. From there, one can continue to Jyväskylä by train, bus or plane (more: Getting to Jyväskylä).

  • International flights to Tampere

Another international airport close to Jyväskylä is Tampere-Pirkkala airport in Tampere. The distance between Tampere and Jyväskylä is about 150 km and there is good train and coach service between them. Please note that a bus or a taxi is needed to get from the airport to the Tampere railway station.



There is a fast Allegro train connection from St. Petersburg to Finland. The fastest connection from St. Petersburg all the way to Jyväskylä takes less than six hours. One must step down from the Allegro train in Kouvola or Tikkurila. There is also a train connection from Moscow to Finland.

There are superior-standard ferries (from e.g. Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Poland) that arrive either in Helsinki or Turku. For more information have look at e.g. Finnlines, Viking Line, Silja Line