Invited talks

Here is a list of confirmed invited talks.

I11 Chris Ackerson Ft Collins, USA Comparative stabilities of thiol protected gold clusters
I20 Toshiyuki Azuma Riken, Japan Recurrent fluorescence: Fast cooling mechanism of carbon cluster anions
I16 Osman Bakr Thuwal, Saudi Arabia Atomically precise doping and size control of silver nanoclusters
I14 Thomas Bürgi Geneva, Switzerland Chirality and flexibility of thiolate-protected gold clusters
I5 Patrizia Calaminici Mexico City, Mexico On the structure and stability of Cu n V and Ag n V clusters: Insight from an ab-intio density functional investigation
I2 Hai-Ping Cheng Gainesville, USA Exploring multi-functional molecular electronic materials
I10 Jennifer A. Dionne Stanford, USA In-situ visualization of solute-induced phase transformations within individual Pd nanocrystals
I7 Henrik Grönbeck Gothenburg, Sweden Hydrogenation and oxidation over palladium clusters and surfaces
I25 Min Han Nanjing, China Functional nanostructures based on nanocluster assemblies from gas phase deposition
I19 Klavs Hansen Gothenburg, Sweden Thermal electronic radiation of size-selected Nb, Si and Au clusters.
I3 Puru Jena Richmond, USA Clusters as building blocks of energy materials
I24 Lasse Jensen Penn State, USA Atomistic electrodynamics simulations of plasmonic nanoparticles
I4 Roy Johnston Birmingham, UK Structures, energetics, and reactivities of free and supported metal clusters: A computational study
I23 Ken Jordan Pittsburgh, USA Accommodation of electrons and protons by water clusters
I6 Andreas Koster Mexico City, Mexico Melting of metal clusters: A first-principle viewpoint
I8 Sandra Lang Ulm, Germany Modelling the active centers of biocatalyst in the gas phase
I15 Olga Lopez-Acevedo Espoo, Finland DNA base pairing by noble metal cations: Structure and electronic properties from density functional theory
I21 John Maier Basel, Switzerland Electronic spectroscopy of fullerene cations and the identification of C60+ in the interstellar medium
I17 Thomas Möller Berlin, Germany Structure and dynamics of nanoparticles in short wavelength light pulses
I12 Niklas Nilius Oldenburg, Germany Supported metal particles probed individually: An STM study
I13 Fengqi Song Nanjing, China Sizeable Kane-Mele like spin orbit coupling in the iridium clusters decorated graphene
I18 Lutz Schweikhard Greifswald, Germany Polyanionic metal clusters: How to make 'em and to break 'em
I1 Toshiharu Teranishi Kyoto, Japan Nano-pseudomorphic chemistry: Epochal structural transformation of nanocrystals by element replacement
I9 Tatsuya Tsukuda Tokyo, Japan Ligand-protected gold superatoms and superatomic molecules
I22 Einar Uggerud Oslo, Norway Oxidation of NO • by the hydrated HO 2 − and O 2•−: The role of negative charge, electronic spin and water solvation