Posters A, Tuesday 16th August 2016, 16:30 - 18:30

1 Christine Aikens Kansas State Univ, USA Theoretical investigation of electron and nuclear dynamics in the Au25(SH)18-1 thiolate-protected gold nanocluster
2 Christine Aikens Kansas State Univ, USA Theoretical water splitting mechanisms on manganese oxide clusters
4 Jaakko Akola Tampere Univ of Technology, Finland QM/MM simulations of Au25(GSH)18- in aqueous environment
6 Julio A. Alonso Univ of Valladolid, Spain Competition between palladium clusters and hydrogen to saturate graphene vacancies
8 Takuya Aoki Chuo Univ, Japan Synthesis of air-stable Cu nanoparticles and their decomposition with air-exposure
10 Haydar Arslan Bulent Ecevit Univ, Turkey Melting Dynamics of Core-Shell Ni-Ag Nanoalloys
12 Ani Baghdasaryan Univ of Geneva, Switzerland Fast synthesis and characterization of subnanometer-sized thiolated copper clusters
14 Joost Bakker Radboud Univ, Netherlands Probing the electron-phonon coupling in clusters through resonant vibrational excitation
16 Julia Barabas Budapest Univ of Technology and Economics, Hungary Density functional theory study of the reaction of N2O and CO with small copper clusters
20 Jorge A. Vargas UNAM, Mexico New Lowest Energy Structures for Au (0, -1) n (n= 27-30) Clusters
22 Thorsten Bernhardt Univ of Ulm, Germany Water deprotonation on free manganese-oxide clusters revealed by IR multi photon dissociation spectroscopy
24 Thi Tuyet Mai Dang KU Leuven, Belgium Electronic Structure and Thermochemical Parameters of the Silicon-Doped Boron Clusters BnSi, with n = 8–14, and Their Anions
26 Masanori Ebina Hokkaido Univ, Japan A TDDFT study on the excited states of ligand-protected icosahedral gold cluster
28 Riccardo Ferrando Univ of Genoa, Italy Equilibrium structures and vibrational properties of core-shell nanoalloys
30 Andre Fielicke Technical Univ Berlin, Germany High resolution anion photoelectron spectroscopy of the platinum trimer
32 Min Gao Hokkaido Univ, Japan Systematic investigation on the geometry effect on the catalytic activity of gold clusters
34 Jianlei Ge Nanjing Univ, China Enhanced quantum coherence in graphene caused by Pd cluster deposition
Tushar K. Ghosh
Aalto University
Jing-Qiang Goh
Tampere Univ of Technology, Finland
38 Marcelo Goulart Univ Innsbruck Formation and reactivity of alkali cluster ions in helium nanodroplets
40 Lauri Hautala Univ of Oulu, Finland Structural and geometric information from unsupported anhydrous and hydrated alkali halide clusters
42 Matti Hokkanen Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland On-chip purification via liquid immersion of arc-discharge synthesized multiwalled carbon nanotubes
44 Masahiko Ichihashi Toyota Technological Institute, Japan Cluster-cluster collision and cluster-complex formation
46 Du-Jeon Jang Seoul National Univ, South Korea Laser fabrication of silver nanoshells with enhanced catalytic activity
48 Rosalba Juárez Mosqueda Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Electronic structure and optical properties of protected gold-doped silver Ag29-xAux (x = 1, 2, 3, and 5) nanoclusters
50 Juha Kangasluoma Univ of Helsinki, Finland In situ gas-phase synthesis of atomic tungsten, molybdenum and chromium oxide, and palladium carbonyl clusters at atmospheric pressure
52 J.K. Kim Seoul National Univ, South Korea Excited-state dynamics of amphiphilic diblock copolymer nanostructures consisting of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and poly(4-vinylpyridine)
54 Kensei Kitajima Kyoto Univ, Japan Protonated and deprotonated cluster ions emitted from liquid microdroplets induced by MeV-energy ion irradiation
56 Andre Knecht Technical Univ Berlin, Germany Optical and electronic properties of 1-adamantanethiol-aluminium hybrid clusters
58 Sumito Kuronuma Nihon Univ, Japan Brownian motion probe for water and ethanol mixing
60 Johannes Lang Univ of Kaiserslautern, Germany Vibrational blue shift of coordinated N2 in [Fe3O(OAc)6(N2)n]+: “Non classical” dinitrogen complexes
62 Peter Lievens KU Leuven, Belgium Magnetism of small binary clusters
64 Andrey Lyalin National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan Turning insulating boron nitride on inert gold electrode into an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction by gold nanoparticle decoration
66 Jussi Malila Univ of Eastern Finland, Finland Emperor's new clothes? Genealogy of nucleation theorem(s)
68 Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku Univ, Japan Structures and Reactions of Transition Metal Oxide Cluster Ions
72 Ken Miyajima The Univ of Tokyo, Japan Oxidation of rhodium metal clusters with nitrous oxide
74 Nataliya Mysko-Krutik B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine Structural study of N2 - CH4 alloys. Cluster model
76 Yoshiki Niihori Tokyo Univ of Science, Japan Precise Separation of Thiolate-Protected Alloy Clusters Based on High Resolution Separation with Chromatography
78 Hideho Odaka Genesis Research Institute, Inc., Japan Development of apparatus for spectroscopy of size-selected cluster ions in HeN – Enhancement of large HeN intensity –
80 Minna Patanen Univ of Oulu, Finland Soft x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy - a powerful tool to probe the surfaces of free-standing clusters and nanoparticles
82 Emmi Pohjolainen Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland A Unified AMBER-Compatible Molecular Mechanics Force Field for Thiolate Protected Gold Nanoclusters
84 Keisuke Saito Rigaku Europe SE, Germany Application of SAXS, WAXS and GISAXS on materials characterization
86 Shun Sarugaku Kyushu Univ, Japan Size-specific reactivity of transition-metal-doped silver clusters toward oxygen: Geometric and electronic effects
88 Julia Schacht Victoria Univ of Wellington, New Zealand Superatomic character of solid state materials based on a binary assembly of fullerenes and ligand protected clusters
90 Annelies Sels Univ of Geneva, Switzerland Structural study on mixed shell thiolate-protected gold clusters
92 Rajarshi Sinha Roy Aix-Marseille Univ, France Optical Properties of Noble Metal Clusters: Comparing Non-local Classical and TDDFT Calculations
94 Maxim Stolyarchuk ITMO Univ, Russia Origin of electronic absorption spectra of silver molecular clusters on point defects in silicate glasses
96 Janika Tang Aalto Univ, Finland Nano cool, micro cooler: Enhanced infrared reflectance from composites with low bandgap semiconducting microinclusions
98 Dieu Hang Tran KU Leuven, Belgium Catalytic Effects of Small Pure and Earth-Alkali Mixed Silicon Clusters Sim-nMn (m = 3 – 4, n = 0 – 1) with M = Be, Mg, Ca towards the Methanol Activation
100 Jan Vanbuel KU Leuven, Belgium Hydrogen chemisorption on vanadium doped aluminum clusters
102 Yoshihide Watanabe Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan Preparation and characterization of Au-Ni bimetallic model catalyst using mass-selected cluster source
104 Seiji Yamazoe The Univ of Tokyo, Japan Bond stiffness of ligand-protected metal clusters probed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
106 Norio Yoshida Kyushu Univ, Japan Selective ion adsorption of Prussian blue nanoparticle: A 3D-RISM study
108 Nina Zimmermann Univ of Ulm, Germany Interaction of oligothiophene molecules with Ir(111), graphene, and Ir-cluster arrays
110 Tuguldur T. Odbadrakh Univ of Pittsburgh, USA Exploring charge accommodation in cold gas-phase water clusters using vibrational spectroscopy