Posters B, Thursday August 18th 2016, 16:30 - 18:30

3 Saleh Aghakhani KU Leuven, Belgium Structure to catalytic activity relationship of Ag nanoclusters confined in LTA zeolite for CO oxidation
5 Neyvis Almora-Barrios Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Spain Structure-Performance Relationships of Hybrid Nanocatalysts
7 Kota Ando Kyushu Univ, Japan Liquid droplets in a vacuum for wet chemistry of gas-phase clusters
9 Mashashi Arakawa Kyushu Univ, Japan Reaction of silicate clusters with CO and H2O as a model study of chemistry in the interstellar environment
13 Svitlana Baieva Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Emission polarization dependence of strongly coupled modes between surface plasmon polaritons and dye molecules
15 Ana Ballester-Caudet Univ of Liege, Belgium Theoretical investigation of ligand shell interactions in gold nanoclusters
17 Noelia Barrabes Technical Univ of Vienna, Austria Cox(SR)m and Co doped Aun(SR)m clusters: new catalytic active phase opportunities with monolayer protected clusters
19 Martin Beck Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland Unraveling the electronic states of transition metal species by optical spectroscopy
21 Minrui Chen Nanjing Univ, China Mechanical sensors based on quantum conductance of closely space metallic nanoparticle arrays
23 Xi Chen Aalto Univ, Finland Classical Methods Applied to DNA-Stabilized Silver Clusters
25 Serena Donnini Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Acid-base properties and surface charge distribution of the water-soluble Au102(pMBA)44 nanocluster
27 Eva M. Fernández Univ Nacional de Eduación a Distancia, Spain Multiple adsorption of molecular oxygen on small Au/Pd cationic clusters at finite temperature. A van der Waals density functional study.
29 Piero Ferrari KU Leuven, Belgium The effect of electron transfer on the optical absorption and CO reactivity of palladium doped gold clusters
31 Nobuhisa Fujima Shizuoka Univ, Japan Nanoporous structure in titanium silicide cluster by dealloying titanium nickel silicide cluster
33 Nicola Gaston Univ of Auckland, New Zealand Liquid clusters, but not simple liquid drops: understanding the anomalous melting temperatures of gallium clusters
35 Mathias Getzlaff Univ of Düsseldorf, Germany Size-selected cobalt nanoparticles deposited on the Cu(001)-c(2x2)N grid pattern
39 Michael Hartmann Univ of Pittsburgh, USA Surface Chemistry Controls Magnetism in Cobalt Nanoclusters
41 Joachim Hewer Univ of Kaiserslautern, Germany X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Heteronuclear Complexes in Isolation
Javed Hussain
University of Iceland, Iceland
45 Takeshi Iwasa Hokkaido Univ, Kyoto Univ ESICB, Japan Statistical analysis for correlations between electronic properties and catalytic activity of a small metal cluster
47 Ewald Janssens KU Leuven, Belgium Controlling CO adsorption on Pt clusters by dopant induced charge transfer
49 Sami Kaappa Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Applying jellium model to study superatoms
51 Rania Kazan Univ of Geneva, Switzerland Au38Cu1(SC2H4Ph)24 Nanoclusters: Synthesis, Enantioseparation and Luminescence
53 Kensei Kitajima Kyoto Univ, Japan Meteoric smoke nanoparticles as cloud condensation nuclei in the upper atmosphere under visible light irradiation
55 Yuya Kiyomura Kyushu Univ, Japan Optical absorption spectra of size-selected silver cluster cations: Size and temperature dependence
57 Naoko Kono Tokyo Metropolitan Univ, Japan Radiative cooling processes of vibrationally hot C4- and C6- stored in an electrostatic ion storage ring
59 Tanja Lahtinen Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Hydrophobic pocket targeting probe for enteroviruses
61 Rebecka Lindblad

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany

Lund Univ, Sweden

Gas phase studies of size-selected transition metal oxide clusters using XAS and XMCD
63 Gustavo Lugo Univ of Liege, Belgium Dynamics of ligands exchange on nanometer size gold clusters: a theoretical and experimental investigation
65 Li Ma Tampere Univ of Technology, Finland CO oxidation on AuCu/MgO(100): Role of support vacancies
67 Thomas Meyer Univ of Oldenburg, Germany Magic Isophorone Clusters on an Au(111) Surface
69 Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku Univ, Japan Research Program of Atom Endohedral Fullerenes in Tohoku University Japan
70 Fuminori Misaizu Tohoku Univ, Japan Velocity Map Imaging of Photofragment Ions from Mass-Selected Cluster Ions Studied with A Linear-Type Double Reflectron
71 Masaya Miyagawa Chuo Univ, Japan Highly air-stable Cu nanodisks on a layered clay mineral and their production mechanism
73 Satoru Muramatsu The Univ of Tokyo, Japan Oxidative Addition of Haloalkanes to Atomic Gold Anion in the Gas Phase
75 Fedor Naumkin UOIT, Canada Evolution of properties of metal cluster cages via encapsulation of molecular dopants
77 Yubiao Niu Univ of Birmingham, UK Enhancement of the hydrogen evolution reaction with Ni doped MoS2 hybrid cluster catalyst
79 Dominika Palinko City Univ of New York Excitons in 2D monolayer TMD
81 Thomas Picot KU Leuven, Belgium Evidence of stable pyramidal Au20 clusters observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
83 Tapio T. Rantala Tampere Univ of Technolog, Finland Temperature and quantum effects on hydrogen–metal cluster interaction
85 Giovanni Salassa Univ of Geneva, Switzerland 1H- and 19F-NMR investigation of thiol-exchange reaction in Au25(SC2H4Ph)18 cluster
87 Ryoshu Sato Nihon Univ, Japan Pressure dependence of nano copper acetylide thermal decomposition for porous carbon materials
89 Valérie Schwanen University of Liège, Belgium Theoretical investigation of the photo-induced intramolecular charge migration on gold nanoclusters passivated by a chromophore ligand
91 Ruili Shi Dalian Univ of Technology, China Structures, Stabilities and Spectra Properties of F-(H2O)n with n = 1 - 10 Clusters from Density Functional Theory Calculation
93 Karolina Sokolowska Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Covalently linked multimers of gold nanoclusters Au102(p-MBA)44 and Au~250(p-MBA)n
95 Alexey Tal Linkoping Univ, Sweden Core-level shifts in gold nanoclusters
97 Josef Tiggesbäumker Univ of Rostock, Germany Asymmetries in the Ion Emission from Clusters exposed to Intense laser Pulses
99 Shalva Tsiklauri The City Univ of New York-BMCC, USA Theory of Neutral Biexciton Clusters in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
101 Jorge A. Vargas UNAM, Mexico Optimizing a Genetic Algorithm
103 Xue Wu Dalian Univ of Technology, China Structures and Electronic Properties of B3Sin- (n=4-10) Clusters: A Combined Ab Initio and Experimental Study
105 Hanieh Yazdanfar Univ of Leicester, UK Intrinsically Stable Oxidized Silicon Nanoclusters in aqueous solution
107 Bei Zhang Univ of Geneva, Switzerland Stability and reactivity studies on Au38(SR)24 clusters supported on oxides: pretreatment effect and catalytic activity in cyclohexane oxidation reaction
109 Ardra Ajitha Univ of Jyväskylä, Finland Spectroscopy and live cell imaging studies of dye functionalized Au102(p-MBA)44 nanocluster