Scope and History

The central subject of the symposium is fundamental science of finite-size effects and control of material properties at the nanometer scale.

ISSPIC XVIII deals with :

    • Atomic and molecular clusters
    • Nanoparticles/nanocrystals/nanostructures
    • Supported, embedded and ligated clusters and nanoparticles
    • Cluster and nanoparticle assemblies
    • Clusters in atmosphere
    • Other nanometer-scale systems


Previous ISSPIC Conferences



chair and co-chairs

XVIII 2016

Jyväskylä, Finland

Hannu Häkkinen, Tanja Lahtinen, Mika Pettersson

XVII 2014

Fukuoka, Japan

Atsushi Nakajima, Akira Terasaki

XVI 2012

Leuven, Belgium

Peter Lievens, Margriet Van Bael, Ewald Janssens

XV 2010

Oaxaca, Mexico

Ignazio Garzon, Gabriela Diaz, Cecilia Noguez

XIV 2008

Valladolid, Spain

Julio Alonso, Luis Balbas

XIII 2006

Gothenburg, Sweden

Eleanor Campbell, Arne Rosen

XII 2004

Nanjing, China

Guanghou Wang

XI 2002

Strasbourg, France

Catherine Brechignac, Hellmut Haberland, Ludger Wöste

X 2000

Atlanta, USA

Uzi Landman

IX 1998

Lausanne, Switzerland

J. Buttet, A. Chatelain, R. Monot
VIII 1996

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sven Bjornholm

VII 1994

Kobe, Japan

Satoru Sugano
VI 1992

Chicago, USA

R. Stephen Berry

V 1990

Konstanz, Germany

Olof Echt, Ekkehard Recknagel
IV 1988

Aix-en-Provence, France

Jacques Friedel, Marcel Gillet
III 1984

Berlin, Germany

Karl Heinz Benneman, Jaroslav Koutecky
II 1980

Lausanne, Switzerland

J.P. Borel
I 1976

Lyon, France

Jacques Friedel