Elizabeth Stokoe

Keskusteluntutkimuksen päivien plenaristi professori Elizabeth Stokoe työskentelee sosiaalisen vuorovaikutuksen professorina Loughborough'n yliopistossa, Isossa-Britanniassa.

Why we need to talk about talk

In this lecture, I will describe my work in conversation analysis, and my research on the science of interaction across different settings. I will show how conversation analysts identify interactional practices that change the outcomes of encounters. I will explain how my research underpins the development of the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method, a research-based training method that challenges the assumptions of traditional communication training, role-play and simulation. Overall, I will show that and how many of the things we think we know about talk are stereotypes rather than evidence-based; how caricatures can damage institutional practices, and so why we need to talk about talk!