The 21st International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making




Conference participants can come to Finland by plane to e.g. Helsinki-Vantaa or Tampere-Pirkkala airports as well as by superior-standard ferries (from Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Poland) and train (from Russia). The ferries arrive either at Helsinki or Turku, and the train from St. Petersburg/Moscow have Helsinki as their final destination (though connecting trains to Jyväskylä should be taken from other stations, see below). From Helsinki/Turku there are good connections to Jyväskylä by Plane, train or road.

Travelling by airplane


The main international airport in Finland is Helsinki-Vantaa which is well connected to all parts of the world. From there, one can continue to Jyväskylä by plane, train or bus (or rent a car).

Jyväskylä airport has 6 flights on weekdays, 2 flights on Saturday and 3 flights on Sunday from/to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Flights are operated chiefly by the national carrier Finnair and Finncom, a Finnair partner. A connecting flight from Helsinki is a convenient choice: the flight takes about 35 minutes and the drive from the Jyväskylä airport to the Jyväskylä city center takes roughly 20 minutes by taxi and 30 minutes by bus. You can find a suitable connection and book a flight ticket on the Finnair web-site.

We have prepared some travel information for those participants, who arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, and the Jyväskylä airport.

The nearest international airport to Jyväskylä is the Tampere-Pirkkala airport in Tampere, a 2 hour drive or 1.5 hour train trip from Jyväskylä. SAS/Blue1 have around three daily connections from Stockholm (Stockholm Arlanda Airport) to Tampere. Furthermore, Ryanair has connections from Kaunas, Oslo (Rygge), Riga, Bremen, Edinburgh, Milan (Bergamo), Frankfurt-Hahn, London-Stansted, Malaga, Trapani to Tampere. Note that a bus (Paunu Bus or Ryanair bus) or taxi is needed to get from the Tampere airport to the Tampere railway station.


Travelling by bus and train


Using the Pendolino fast train, the journey from Helsinki to Jyväskylä can be accomplished in three hours. There are approximately 18 daily connections between Helsinki and Jyväskylä. If you arrive at Turku or Tampere, the train connections from there to Jyväskylä are also frequent. The time tables and ticketing information can be found on the VR webpage.  

Jyväskylä can also be reached directly from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport by bus. The journey time is around 4 hours, depending on the connections. The time table for the bus connections can be found on the Matkahuolto webpage. Please type Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as the starting station and Jyväskylä Travel Centre as the destination. Please note that the search fields are sensitive to using non-Latin letters "ä" and "ö".

Train tickets from Helsinki to Jyväskylä cost around 50 euro; bus tickets from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Jyväskylä cost around 45 euro (the price may vary depending on the route). There are unfortunately no discounts for foreign students and pensioners on bus and train tickets. But there are discounts on group train tickets (a group is defined to have at least three persons), and group and return bus tickets for long distance routes.

You may want to cooperate during travel with other conference participants in order to get group ticket discounts, save on taxi costs, or just use the occasion for spending time together. For that purpose we have created a contact forum where you can find each other and coordinate your joint travel.

There is a fast Allegro train connection from St. Petersburg to Finland and the fastest connection from St. Petersburg all the way to Jyväskylä takes less than six hours. One must step down from the Allegro train in Kouvola or Tikkurila. There is also a train connection from Moscow to Finland, see the VR webpage.

In Jyväskylä

The bus and railway station of Jyväskylä, that is, the Jyväskylä Travel Centre  – Matkakeskus is located near the city centre, close to e.g. Hotels Cumulus and Alexandra. From there one can walk or take the taxi to the conference venue and hotel Alba – the distance is 1,5 km.

There are also some online maps of the city: a tourist map, a map of City Centre and our special map for conference participants (powered by Google), which e. g. shows a walking path from the bus and railway station to the conference venue and hotel Alba.



A taxi in Jyväskylä can be booked by phone +358 100 69 00 or found near Matkakeskus at the taxi stop. The web-site of the taxi service is available only in Finnish, but you can have a look at the official pricelist translated by Google translate here.

The local bus schedule can be accessed through the interactive trip planner. One ticket costs 3.10 euro and is valid for one transfer (e. g. the return journey) within an hour.  

In addition, it is also possible to rent a car. A list of car rental services can be found here.


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  • After the review process, 297 oral and poster presentations were accepted to MCDM2011 from 43 countries. The total number of participants was 311.
  • 24% of MCDM2011 participants were women.
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